Communism of a half witted philosopher called Karl Marx and his inheritances namely Mao Zedhong, Stalin, Lenin, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara

Communists are highly anti-nationals be it anywhere. Communism can’t be imposed nationally because the very principle of downtrodden Karl Marx was of creating a system of equality mostly in industrial & working sector. Hence there is no chance that this principle could be of national impact and hence it never has been implemented in a national cause.

As per the own words of self-intellectual Karl Marx (I call him stupid western unworthy guy) who created this fragile which only brought more despair, unrest and unsocial elements in every form. Religious Terrorism was one of the first element which Communism laid its path to. Yes again dont be surprised with that as you might thought communism is based on Atheism.

This idea was deliberately used by Religious fanatics to change the way of terrorism, which incidentally gave birth to Jihad following the fall of the Communist USSR or Russian invasion in Afghanistan. CIA intelligently used the communist card to fuel more terrorism. In, India, religious terrorism got limelight in the later centuries but naxal & urban terrorism are old schools.

One more interesting thing of Karl Marx which was gradually omitted to suit the self interest of Communism was that Karl Marx himself once quoted that Democracy itself is a class which should not be experimented with new ideologies. But history is evidence that humans are intelligent in spreading rumours and rumours become trends very rapidly.

Communism indeed spread globally and in India too but in disguise of humanity, equality, development, Social Harmony and any bogus things that can be used by communists to retain the power only to the communist Bourgeois class. Proletariats were just helping hands and innocent victims. Eating the shitty products of their own Shits. CPC is actually an Anti-China Party. Don’t be surprise with that. The CPC PLA is a Communist Party of China Army rather National. Taiwan is the main Nationalist China not CPC. Be it any country whether North Korea, Cuba etc.

Vietnam is a different story now because even though they are a communist government, they tasted the nasty blow from Chinese Communist Party in the form of war in the aftermath of US invasion of Vietnam. Cambodia Communist Party lead a helping hand to Chinese in that.

In the history of Bengal, there were numerous cases of communists who even butchered their own families for the sake of the Red Party of Hammer & Sickle. Communists never disgrace their Hindu surnames but happily keep it to hide among Hindu population to carry out Anti-Hindu operations. This is not a secret anymore. The frontline leaders of Communist Party are actually all Brahmins born who protest for the rights of Minority Dalits but they won’t give the same standard as theirs. These dark secret operations activities of Communists help them in hiding or covering themselves among the majority Hindu Population. This also helps in Guerrilla warfare from Jungles.

Communism is the root problem in every country even in America, Britain hindering development of all. But in West, it has extremely higher imperial vision too like that in China now a days. Expansionism Regime fuels Imperialism. The so called Proletariat class are brainwashed by the Bourgouise Rolls Royce class in taking the front line war keeping & depriving them of valuable development for generations, otherwise they will slip away and defect. Similarly there are millions of defections from Communist party from China, India & North Korea too enjoying the high comforts of the west. China has created more than 20 Millions defection from their communist party who are living abroad now since generations.  Last but not the least; few sentences.

  • Communism sees no Family, love or Emotional Relations.
  • Communism sees no Nationality except the red hammer & sickle party.
  • Communism sees no bonding and social life except surreal disintegrating life.
  • Communism sees no boundary as they think all should follow their witless ideology.
  • Communism is a major contributor to Suicidal deaths, hyper tensions & Psychopathic illness.
  • Communism is a downward spiral of infinite rockbottom which only brings destruction wherever it leads.
  • China only propagates the good things inside China because the media & army is again controlled by the party rather its People. You can use google and other media to even Google Earth to see the ground reality which is horrifying how they treat the minorities.
  • Communist will apply every tactics to fools its own people for the superior unbending image of the party.
  • Communism is a deadly cancer which can be diagnosed in early states but can be with sophisticated education & well matured mentality.

    Subhra Dey