Over the 34 years of rule here’s what CPM actually achieved in West Bengal

Now, over the 34 years of rule here’s what CPM actually achieved in Bengal:

  • Before the party came to power, Bengal was one of the top states in terms of factory employment. Today it doesn’t feature in top 12.
  • Gave too many rights to labourers and factory workers, instigated them to organize protests & gheraos halting production. No wonder a whopping number of industries closed down, workers lost jobs but the party got more party workers.
  • We went from accounting for 20% of India’s industrial output in 1960s to less than 3% today; from 2nd in terms of per capita income to 15th in 2018.
  • In 1983, banned teaching English in schools till 7th standard. But the children of party faithfuls enrolled in top notch English-medium schools.
  • Leaving healthcare in a pathetic state. There is 1 doctor for every 4000 patients compared to the national average of 2000.
  • Wholeheartedly allowed & even supported the rise of the Naxalite movement which played its part in hampering the state’s development
  • Party-sponsored violence was rampant. The sainbari massacre being the most tragic example of it. And such was the fear that the party infused in locals that none dared to speak up even against such bestiality.

And this us just the tip of the iceberg. I can go on and on about how a single party and a single person brought a thriving state to its knees.

Now if the communist party can do this to one of the most developed states (when they came to power) I don’t see any reason as to why the rest of India should even think of voting for them.

The United front is 50 years old, so the “Golden Jubilee” should be celebrated for pushing the Bengal State for a pathetic condition.

Here are the key points why Golden Jubilee should be royally celebrated:

  • 56000 industrial units closed down since 1967 due to the grace of communists
  • From 18 flights a week to London it came down to 8 flights a week today
  • Bengal was equivalent to Bombay state ( Present day Maharashtra and Gujarat combined) in factory employment but today it does not even appear in top 12
  • Rs 3.3 trillion is the amount of debt Bengal is presently facing

A flourishing industrial state of Bengal was brought down to ashes as soon as Jyothi Basu became the Deputy Chief Minister. He was powerful then the CM. Soon he started to pass set of brainless laws to benefit no one.

Clashes between labours and the management were a daily story under the regime of the communists. Communists started to instigate labours to stage protests every now and then. Frequent gheraos pull a halt to industrial productions. Owners and senior managers would be gheraoed in the office for days without food and water until their demand was met. Owners weren’t let out even after their health condition deteriorated.

Police came to rescue the owners and managers initially but later on state government didn’t let the police to interfere in this matter. Police had to take Labour Department’s prior permission to interfere.

Shocking numbers on how the Gheraos increased?

Month & Year No. of Gheraos
March 1967 32
May 1967 151
June 1967 171
From March to August 1967 1018


So from the above table it is clear that how the gheraos increased rapidly. The communist govt always fuelled the protests. After seeing this, The High Court intervened and asked the police to ignore governments circular and to rescue the owners during gheraos. But the state govt again issued a circular stating not to help the owners. The Police force helplessly witnessed this circus.

The only option left out to the owners was to sign an agreement to fulfil all the demands of the labours. If these demands were fulfilled then the industry would have definitely perished according to economists. And that is what happened. All demands like increasing wages, reducing working hours, providing holidays as and when demanded by the workers, providing free housing, free rations, free uniforms, free foods were forced to fulfil. As a reason industries suffered loss and was finally shutdown.

Finally the one who suffered was the employee. Workers at least had a job that paid them daily or monthly but communist even grabbed it by their senseless provocation to the labours to hold gheraos.

Like how Indians elected Congress for decades, even the innocent Bengalis elected the United Front once again in 1969. Bengal saw 73 lockouts, 551 industrial strikes in the same year as a result 5.7 lakh workers were affected.

Major setback for the people of Bengal in these 50 years is:

  • In 1966, Bengal accounted to 20.1% of industrial output in the nation but now it accounts to only 2.9%
  • In 1960-61 Bengal stood 2nd in terms of per capita income. Today it’s on 15th
  • Calcutta was India’s biggest port which handled 9.4 million tonnes of cargo. But today it ranks seventh.

What communists claim and what they did:

They claim that they are the one who support working class when injustice is done to him. But the communists’ anti-industry and anti-capitalistic policies ruined the economic stability of Bengal. They also backed Naxalites. These communists destroyed their political rivals violently.

Today Bengal is in the hands of Mamata Banerjee. No need to mention that there is no law and order. She is following the footsteps of the communist government.

A state which gave birth to great poet like Tagore, is suffering in the hands of leaders with no vision.

Source and credits: Jaideep Mazumdar & Swarajyamag.com

Vikrant Raj