Complaint filed against Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath over his derogatory remarks on migrants

The history of India has it that whenever Congress has taken decisions against the people of the country, it has always landed into trouble. Well, this has been proven time and again after PM Narendra Modi has over taken the thrown of Prime Minister in the year 2014. And it seems that the grand old party is never tired of it.

Misled by the taste of victory, yet again a decision has been taken by the Congress and landed them into deep trouble as expected. Congress though won the state of Madhya Pradesh; it chose its Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and landed up in the bad books of Indians once again. This time it is the question of one’s rights and independence.

Kamal Nath, Madhya Pradesh CM, has triggered a major controversy right after taking charge of his position. His comments on migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar taking jobs in the state at the cost of its residents have upset many in the country. Kamal Nath has also been a Union minister. He should be aware of these rules. What he is talking about and what it can lead to must be kept in mind before he delivers a talk to the mass.

Demanding an immediate apology from the Opposition, the BJP has asked for Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s apology for the comments. Being in this position a leader must know his limits of talk and its consequences. But sad that when asked, the Congress President said he has no clue about it and he is yet to know what actually happened!

“Lot of industries are set up in which take people from other states, like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. I don’t want to criticize them, but the young people of Madhya Pradesh remain deprived,” Kamal Nath said.

BJP general secretary Kailash Vijaywargiya, meanwhile, accused Nath of promoting “divisive” politics. Taking a jibe at the MP CM, Vijaywargiya raised his “outsider” background. “Kamal Nath was born in Kanpur. He received his education in (West) Bengal. His business is spread across the country. He is now chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. Such a statement does not behove him,” the BJP leader said.

It is ironical that Rahul Gandhi keeps talking about the Constitution being under threat from the Narendra Modi government but a senior leader of his own party takes a stand that is nothing short of an assault on the country’s federal structure. As they say, you need to check your back twice before you point out finger at others. Somebody needs to remind Congress about their ill- mannerisms and corrections at the earliest are better than never.

Bihar BJP chief Nityanand Rai alleged the Congress has started spewing the venom of parochialism no sooner than it won power in Madhya Pradesh. “It should apologise to the people of UP and Bihar, though this may be expecting too much from a party which is yet to express regret over the role of its Gujarat MLA Alpesh Thakore in attacks on Biharis in the western state,” he said.

Source: Timesnow news