Confused Silicon Valley with Kashmir Valley, Mr. Shekhar Gupta?

Being a Bangalorian, I’m emotionally upset at present….Understandably! My Responsible City experienced riots, protests, burnings of tyres and vehicles….the city known for its peak Traffic hours throughout the day came to a standstill! Cauvery has always been a sensitive and sentimental issue for Kannadigas! Naturally the SC order to share water with TN didn’t go well with them!

And when I found a Senior Journalist like you, Shekhar Gupta, tweeting most insensitively over the delicate issue, I myself felt like emotionally rioting against you ! Hence, this address!




You tweeted about the need to send pellet guns to Bengaluru ! Pellet Guns, Seriously! Man, Bengaluru is a Silicon Valley, not Kashmir Valley! Why, man, haven’t you overcome the tragic injuries of PAID Stone pelters of Separatists? Get over it man! And if it makes you feel better and avenged, two people have died here during protests. FYI nobody in the valley died of pellet guns attacks.

Bro, What can I say to your shameless comparison? Comparing Anti-national elements with the agitated people over a state issue? One is Pakistan funded Stone Pelting against Indian Army and the other is the gathering of common people to voice their concern and distress against the SC order! I agree burning and smashing of vehicles was heartbreaking. The anger of few protesters got better of them. But those offenders are arrested ! What about you? Any displeasure against the stone pelters who injured the Army Jawans and ran away with their armaments for some petty cash?

You know what, Here in Bengaluru, people joke that if you throw a stone, it will hit a Software Techie. But we don’t throw stones to check the authenticity of the joke! And you want to hit Bangalorians with pellet guns? You further degraded yourself calling ABP news blunder as having actually hit the point. Bengaluru people against Karnataka? Isn’t this a propaganda of lowest order ?What have you been smoking , man?

Well, presently you must be busy cajoling vexed Arvind Kejriwal over your ‘Blunder’ tweet !Your bad, holding Aap responsible for Dehli nightmares! Why is Modiji there for? Well, enjoy the music! In the meantime, keep your nose out of Cauvery business! Btw it’s ‘Cauvery’ not Kaveri! Not expecting you to have that understanding , for that matter!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi

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