Congress, Communists, Missionaries, Radical Islamists, Everybody Hate RSS! If You Think ‘Hindutva’ Is The Only Thing They Are Opposing, Read This Story!

Chapter 17: RSS Swayamsevaks have paid the cost of preventing conversion and bringing social reforms with their blood!

At the time of  BJP’ victory in the Assembly elections in Tripura and rout of the CPM, a message was getting circulated on the social media that, it is a homage to the 4 RSS officials who were kidnapped on 6 August 1999, brutally tortured for over a year, and killed. The national media kept completely silence over the case it went unnoticed till 2001, when the deaths were confirmed. The four Pracharaks were abducted by the NLFT.

Those abducted and later declared killed were: Kshetra Karyavah (Zonal General Secretary) of West Bengal, Assam and the North-East Shyamal Kanti Sengupta, Pracharak working in southern Assam Dinendranath Dey, Agartala Vibhag Pracharak (area-in-charge) Sudhamay Dutta, and district Pracharak Subhankar Chakravarty.

They were all abducted from a Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram-run students’ hostel in Tripura’s Kanchanchhada area. The NLFT i.e. National Liberation Front of Tripura confessed its crime.

They were tortured for over 1 year. In April 2000, they were alive and communicated that they were being tortured. On 3 April 2000, there was a report on Rediff.com titled  “Kidnapped RSS pracharaks plead for help“

The four Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh pracharaks abducted by the insurgent group in the northeastern state of Tripura had written to their colleagues stating that they were alive, but under great physical and mental stress.

The NLFT, one of the two major insurgent groups in the state, had several camps in the Chittagong hills, just across Tripura’s porous international border with Bangladesh.

The NLFT was born in 1989, with the role of the Baptist Church as ‘midwife‘. Their motto is to establish a ‘Christian nation’s and they had been since long involved in grizzly attacks on Hindus. On Makar Sankranti of 2002, these missionary backed militants shot sixteen people dead who were celebrating harvest.

In 2000, they had attacked Hindu students who were celebrating Durga Pooja and decapitated Durga and Saraswarhi idols. They had warned tribal students to stay away from Hindu’ practices.

On 17th April 2000, church leader Halam of Naopora Baptist church was arrested with high explosives that included 50 gelatin sticks,5kg pottassium, 2 kgs of Sulphur and other components. During interrogation he had accepted that those materials were for making explosives for NLFT militants.

What is the relation of Baptists Church with the abduction of RSS leaders?

They we’re running school for the vanavasi students, which was preventing the Conversion efforts of Baptists Church. Baptists Church was expanding their conversion area by threatening Hindu population through the NLFT militants and increase the Christian population by stopping Vanavasi children and youth from involving in any religious practices of their own. Instead they had made it compulsory to worship Jesus.

These four Pracharaks were in close contact of people for more than two decades and the locals respected them highly.

After their abduction,

RSS has launched an agitation against the NLFT and started highlighting the contribution of the four pracharaks to the development of the tribals in remote areas in Tripura.

RSS General Secretary and then Joint General Secretary H V Seshadri (he occupied both these positions, he was General Secretary from 1994-2000 and then Joint General Secretary from 2000-2003) had sat on a dharna before Tripura House in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, with thousands of swayamsewaks demanding the early release of these pracharaks in Tripura.

The pracharaks were later killed under the nose of the CPM government of Tripura. The CPM government did nothing to save them.

The political killings in Kerala under communist are another side of this same story!

In 1957, the first communist government was formed in Kerala and thereafter Communists have remained in power for a very long time. They have threatened, muted and mutilated brutally their opponents. They have used and normalized violence as a means of gaining and retaining political power and silencing all opposition. Kerala has witnessed ferocious, fascist intolerance of Communists. In the past 50 years they have killed more than 267 RSS people and after 2010, 16 RSS workers have been murdered by CPI(M). Many more have been brutally assaulted. Their limbs chopped off, many of them have been reduced to vegetative state.

Here are  the details of certain gruesome and brutal attacks by Communists on innocent people of Kerala.

  1. Sadananda Masterji was born in a Communist family, brought up in Communist ideology but drifted away from Communism because of its ideological bankruptcy. He came towards RSS. This dissent was intolerable for the Communists in Kerala. On 25 January 1994, in an open Bazar, the Communist goons pounced upon him, cut both his legs and then put mud and cow dung in his legs so that they cannot be operated upon. They committed this crime to teach the people in Kerala what the punishment for dissent can be.
  2. Sujeet – In February 2016 CPI(M) goons entered his house, beat him with rods and pipes, broke his skull and bones, hacked him to death in front of his parents.

iii. Sumesh, the sharirik pramukh of RSS, Thallassery taluka who was attacked by CPM goons. His face was split into two but later stitched together in a major surgery. He lost his palm forever.

  1. Biju was assaulted twice. These heartless communist goons attacked him twice then barged into the hospital and hacked over his unhealed wounds again during treatment. His one leg is paralyzed. His hands partially paralyzed, his fingers are motionless. He cannot work in his life.

Congress, Communists, Radical Islamists and Christians, Liberals everybody hate RSS. And the reason is definitely not the ideology. Hindutva is just a facet.

RSS through many of it’s sister organisations is systatically destroying agenda driven efforts of these parties.

Its fighting the religious conversion by providing a good living and education to the tribal and backward classes.

It is countering communist ideology to break away from India and establishing Nationalistic idea in the youth.

It is motivating youth to accept that all of us are bharathiya and to fight for glory of our land and culture.

‘Haters are your confirmation that you are doing something right’

Sad thing is being right comes with great cost too.

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