Congress completely exposed; It conspired to blame RSS Chief for 26/11 terror attack

Where is our nation heading? I want to ask this question because a nation will progress when each and every individual will contribute to it. But Congress has created a blunder just to gain political mileage.

UPA had broken all the previous records of shamelessness and tried to frame RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat in terror attacks with the intension of inventing “saffron terrorism”. The Congress had pressurised the NIA and asked to fix Mohan Bhagwat Bhagwat even though there were no proofs against him. Sushil Kumar Shinde was the then Home Minister and it was all happening on his orders. The ruling party always try to unite the nation but Congress party tried to tag its own citizen as terrorist.

In the aftermath of extremist violence in Ajmer and Malegaon, the UPA government tried to eliminate RSS from this country. But NIA officials didn’t pay any heed to the pressure of Congress leaders.

The notings in files drawn up by NIA suggest that investigation officers – as well as other senior cops – were intending to interrogate Bhagwat for his purported role in Ajmer and other blasts allegedly carried out by Hindu terror organisation “Abhinav Bharat”.

In February 2014 a magazine named “Caravan” had carried out an interview with Swami Aseemanad who was in Panchkula jail, where he allegedly named Bhagwat as a principal motivator for the attacks. This was enough for the Congress to target RSS Chief.

RSS, which always tried to uphold the nation’s principles, was always under the radar of Congress. But, NIA Chief Sharad Kumar denied interrogating Bhagwat even though several then central ministers pressurised him.

Union law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad reacted to this and said that “Government will have to take a view on making this correspondence public but I agree that after this expose, this entire matter should come out in public domain.”

Rahul Gandhi even said that Hindu terrorism is dangerous than Lashkar-e-Tayyabba. What else can we expect from a traitor like him and his party? Previously we heard that terrorism doesn’t have any religion. Then from where the word “Hindu terrorism” come from?



Nishika Ram