Congress continues its cheap politics! Makes a dog remark on BJP and spreads a lie that RSS didn’t take part in freedom struggle

As the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are approaching near, Congress party is showing its true colours. In the greed of power the party is once again back with its cheap tactics.

AICC General Secretary and Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge launched an attack on BJP & RSS by usage of word such as “dog” He asked BJP and RSS about their role in the freedom movement of country.

During his rally in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra,the senior Congress leader questioned BJP & RSS by using rubbish language. He said “Did even a dog die in a house of BJP, RSS for the country’s freedom”?

Intensifying his attack on BJP & RSS the senior Congress leader said “It was the Congress party which has sacrificed its lives and leaders during the freedom struggle; The Congress party central national figure Indira Gandhi sacrificed her life for the unity of the country. Rajiv Gandhi, his son gave his life for the nation. Tell me, did even a dog die in a house of BJP, RSS for the country’s freedom”

The Congress leader not only stopped here. He furthered questioned BJP & RSS about their leaders who have faced jails during the independence moment. He asked “Tell us, which of your people went to jail (during freedom struggle)”?

Later when he was hounded for his cheap remarks he went on to defend himself by twisting his statement but laying new allegation on the organization .He said “By saying that what I only meant was that RSS speaks about patriotism but where were they when the freedom struggle fight was going on. In fact they were the ones who said not to take part in quit India movement and all,”

It is not the first time the senior Congress leader has made such cheap remarks on BJP & RSS. Earlier also in February this year, during a session of Lok Sabha, the AICC general secretary had mentioned something similar. “People such as Gandhiji, Indiraji sacrificed their lives for the country’s unity, who was there from your side? Not even a dog, he said

In fact at that time also the leader not only drew criticism from various quarters but Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself slammed the senior Congress leader and party badly. PM Modi hit back at the party saying that Congress is blind to see the involvement of other leaders in the freedom struggle. Congress feels that it is only one family which has given us freedom ignoring the contribution of other leaders. “The Congress has never spoken of the contribution of freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad. They think only one family has given us freedom,” the PM said.

After listening to remarks of the senior Congress leader, I felt throwing some light on the contribution of RSS in the freedom struggle

Role of RSS in freedom struggle

It is well known that K.B ‘Hedgewar,  founder of RSS, the freedom fighter, was a pre-RSS Congressman who was arrested and sentenced to a year’s imprisonment for his role in the Khilafat movement (1919-1924)  which was the part of  freedom struggle. Dr Hedgewar, in 1930 also participated in the forest Satyagraha launched by Mahatma Gandhi.(Swarajya)

Although Sangh didn’t involve in political movements directly, the Sangh was ready to help any political movement indirectly by supplying its cadre and allowing it to give their faculties and facilities, provided it worked for the cause of India’s welfare. Trailokyanath Chakravarty (1889–1970) was a Bengali revolutionary and freedom fighter. He met Dr Hedgewar who promised him that Sangh would provide him with cadre for the future revolution he was planning. (Satyavrata Ghosh, Remembering our revolutionaries, Marxist Study Forum, 1994 p.57) Sangh also helped Rajguru when the revolutionary lived as a fugitive.

Apart from this, many freedom fighters received vital assistance from the RSS. Aruna Asaf Ali took asylum in the house of Lala Hans Raj Gupta, and Nana Patil was protected by Pandit Damodar Satavalekar and Sane Guruji stayed with Bhausaheb Deshmukh and Babasaheb Apte.

On 16 August 1942, at Chimur in Maharashtra, many RSS workers participated directly in a Quit India agitation which resulted in a brutal suppression by the British. Dada Naik, who was also the head of the Chimur RSS branch, was sentenced to death by the British. The Hindu Mahasabha leader Dr N B Khare took up his case with the authorities. Ramdas Rampure, another RSS cadre, was shot dead by the British.

This is nothing just the Congress age old tactics of spreading lies to generate hatred in the heart of the people against the BJP& RSS. With the half held knowledge of facts and history, they keep on propagating these propaganda’s when in reality India attained freedom due to involvement of lakhs of people, of which RSS workers were also the part

Source : Republic world