Congress crosses all limits! Rahul Gandhi’s close aide abuses PM Modi’s mother saying “Rupee’s rate falling as low as PM’s mother’s age”


In the countdown to elections in Madhya Pradesh both the parties Congress & BJP are trying their best to woo the voters. But as always Congress party has stooped so low and crossed every limit for deviating the voters and insulting the honourable Prime Minister of India

Infact this time Congress has not only attacked Prime Minister Modi but his mother. Launching an attack on mother of Prime Minister Modi the senior Congress leader Raj Babbar, popular for his controversial remarks compared rate of rupee with the age of PM Modi’s mother.

Addressing an election rally in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, Raj Babbar, who has hardly covered himself with glory with his quotes in the past few weeks, aimed an attack over the strength of the Rupee vis-a-vis the dollar, which had reached an all-time low a few weeks back but has since settled towards normalcy. In making the attack, he said that the “Rupee is falling as low as your respected Mother’s age”.

The Congress leader in hunger for power has always crossed every limit. Even world “upper” is lower in front of them. This is not the first time Congress leaders have disgraced Prime Minister of the country.Yesterday itself one of the other congress leader, CP Joshi made shameful remarks against Prime Minister Modi and senior BJP leader Uma Bharti.

The Congress leader had directed class and caste slurs at the Prime Minister and Uma Bharti, and questioned non-Brahmins having knowledge of Hinduism. He said “People from (unclear) who are present here, does anyone know the caste of Uma Bharti? What is the caste of Ritambhara? In this country if there is anyone who knows about religion are the Pandits, Intellectuals & Brahmins. It is very weird that Uma Bharti who belongs to the Lodi samaj is talking about Hindu religion. Sadhvi ji also belongs to a different religion and she’s talking about Hindu religion too. PM Narendra Modi belongs to some other religion and talks about Hinduism. This isn’t the brahmins’ job. Brahmin doesn’t understand this. In the last 50 years Brahmins have lost their mind”, CP Joshi had said.

After which when faced with criticism from opposition as well as his own party members and party Chief Rahul Gandhi who said “The statement of CP Joshi was contrary to the ideology of the Congress party. Party leaders should not make any such statement that any section of the society should be hurt. While respecting the principles of Congress, the spirit of the workers, CP Joshi must surely realize the mistake. He should express regret over their statement.”

After which the Congress leader backtracked and sought apology for his remarks. The Congress leader has always said that Congress party doesn’t follow such kind of approach. It doesn’t believe in insulting the Prime Minister of India but it seems these remains in saying only as Congress leader has always done opposite to this.
What Congress President has now to say on senior leader Raj Babbar who not only insulted Prime Minister Modi but insulted his mother also? Will the Congress chief remove him from the party?