Congress denies reports of proposing to end tax for people below 35 years as poll promise!

Today a news was published in The print website which said that Congress was proposing to introduce tax sops for the upcoming 2019 elections to gain votes. The report said that the Congress was to abolish Income Tax for all people below 35 years of age.

The article said, “Although there has been no decision on whether the party will include the proposal in its manifesto, sources confirmed to ThePrint that the idea was discussed during a meeting of the Congress’ top leadership on 13 July.” It also gave credit to Priyanka Gandhi saying it was her idea to propose the plan.

But just hours after the news was out, the Congress Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala held a press conference and denied all reports saying that the Congress did not have any problems of abolishing Income Tax for people below 35 years and it was a wrong news.

So, this fake news printed by Print more so looks like a deliberate attempt to help Congress for its poll strategy for 2019 elections. Shekhar Gupta along with his team seems to have given his own theory for Congress proposing this Income Tax abolishing plan. He had said, the Congress with an attempt to attract youngsters of the country had planned this strategy which could be a successful counter-strategy against BJP and Modi.

“Today, two-thirds of Indians, nearly 80 crore Indians, are below 35 years of age. Getting well paying, decent jobs or entrepreneurship opportunities as they enter working age, is their number one priority,” read the Congress manifesto of 2014. “While a number of steps have been taken in this direction in the last decade, this remains an overriding national priority, requiring a lot more to be done. The Indian National Congress will announce a Jobs Agenda within 100 days of the government.”

Now Shekhar Gupta and his team who questions everyone on journalism, should answer from where did he get this fake story and what was his source of news? He should answer if this was an attempt to help Congress get back to power.

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