Congress embarrassed as Hardik Patel announces Congress’s chief minister if the party wins Gujarat

Same is the story with Congress as well as many of its workers and leaders have resigned from the party

Congress and Hardik Patel have come together with the aim to defeat the BJP in Gujarat. The politics they’re playing is divisive and aimed at weakening the social fabric of Gujarat which has in the last 16 years become a benchmark of peace and unity for other states.

Even though Hardik and Congress have joined hands and the party has picked up two other caste leaders to further split the state along religious and caste lines, all doesn’t seem well for this feeble alliance.

The latest and a rather huge embarrassement came for the Congress at the hands of Hardik Patel when he was addressing a public gathering in Amreli. He said that if Congress wins the election then the chief minister will be Paresh Dhanani who is the Congress MLA from Amreli.

This is a huge statement as Congress hasn’t made even the slightest of mentions of who its chief ministerial candidate is. Hardik Patel did this only to fool the people of Amreli so that they think that they’re voting not just for a MLA but for the potential chief minister of the state.

Just yesterday posters were put up by Congress in Muslim-dominated areas of Surat saying that Muslims should unite and vote for Ahmed Patel to make him the chief minister. Congress immediately issued a clarification that Ahmed Patel isn’t its chief ministerial candidate.

Hardik also made a pathetic comment at the gathering when he said that for 25 years people have elected ‘murkh and napunsak’MLAs. Does he forget that for the last 25 years Congress has send around forty to fifty of its own MLAs in each election? Are they also ‘murkh and napunsak’? He should clarify.

Such kind of language coming from Hardik Patel is of no surprise. It were his agitations that brought Gujarat to a standstill as public property was damaged when Anandiben Patel was the chief minister. His ways will not be acceptable to the people of Gujarat who’ve lived in peace for 16 years and have seen tremendous development.

Many PAAS leaders have quit ranks and joined the BJP in recent times. Same is the story with Congress as well as many of its workers and leaders have resigned from the party. Even the Patidar community is beginning to understand that the promise of 50% plus reservation promised by Congress is constitutionally impossible which was cleared by top lawyer Harish Salve.

Source: https://www.bhaskar.com/gujarat/ahmedabad/news/GUJ-AHM-OMC-LCL-if-congress-does-win-the-election-next-cm-paresh-dhanani-hardik-5763571-PHO.html

Vinayak Jain