Congress exposed once again! Senior Congress leaders including Manmohan Singh launches ex ISI chief’s book even after Modi govt denied him Visa

All these traitors, Anti-Indian, Non-patriotic, Anti-Hindus but all call themselves as Seculars and Democratic citizens of India. But that’s not true. In spite of being in India, these traitors are back of promoting Anti-Indian people.

This happened 3 days back. We do not know why BJP doesn’t publicize its nationalistic stands as much as Vikas. It can be because judiciary and media are hostile and do not wish leading to unnecessary complications? Here’s what you need to know but no media house will tell you about:

Hamid Ansari, Manmohan Singh, Kapil Sibal, Yashwant Sinha, Barkha Butt…Etc. Launched former-ISI chief Asad Durrani’s book 2 days back, in India. PM Narendra Modi Government did not give visa to Durrani. So, these traitors included him via video conference. 

It is hard to digest and understand why the former Prime Minister of India is involved in all this? Why is he helping to promote this book? Before supporting any party or nation, his country should stand foremost to him. These traitors staying in India are helping him to promote his book here. Isn’t this similar to what Bollywood is doing in the Industry.? Supporting enemy country and back stabbing Mother India!

This book ‘spy chronicles’ is co-authored by former RAW chief AS Daulat. I wonder he got the time and inclination to co-author with an enemy? Durrani in his video called PM Modi government ‘deep state’! People must realize on how serious this act could be. Today, they are helping to promote a book and tomorrow it could be something bigger and disastrous.  

This is why it is extremely dangerous to have Muslims on powerful positions, as administration heads, in army, in civil services. However, our grudge is more than horrible Hindus like Sibal. They are indeed unforgivable traitors. Aren’t they?

Rawalpindi HQ summoning Durrani on May 28 for explanation on book is eyewash. Durrani wouldn’t have moved a muscle, much less collaborated with pro-Pak ex-RAW chief Dulat, without ISI’s explicit blessings