Congress faces massive embarrassment after “blatantly lying” that Amitabh Bachchan is following Congress! This is what actually happened

The Congress widely termed as the “Scamgress” party is well-known for its long list of scams and never ending blunders from its party members. Of course, the blunder team is led by the president of Congress himself. All credits to him.

More than good works, they have always been in limelight for their dirty politics. The Indian National Congress (INC) was previously known for its long list of scams and frauds by its party leaders. There is a huge list of scams that has been registered under the names of Congress leaders so far.


Now they have given us something new to talk (or laugh) about. We have been always thinking it’s just Rahul Gandhi who ends to be the laughing stalk for people. But the Congress party has now proved it’s highly influenced by its president Rahul Gandhi and been following his footsteps. You would be wondering what led me to this conclusion. Well, I’ll explain…

I found something very interesting on twitter today. Congress had replied back to the Bollywood Big B Amitabh Bachchan in its Twitter account, which is a normal thing on twitter. The party thanked the star for following their account on Twitter. Now let me tell you what was abnormal about it…

It was actually a “fake account” of Amitabh Bachchan to which the Congress had replied back with the thanks giving message! Now, this is something that’s hard to digest. The party that claims to be one among the major political parties in India, has failed to identify among a real and a fake account? They are so foolish enough to reply back to a fake account imagining it to be the actor himself! What a splendid job. Well, you never know, It might be a new strategy from its President Rahul Gandhi, attracting some more fame for the party.

Here’s the deleted tweet-

As soon as this tweet started getting trolled by the twitter users, it was immediately deleted. Unfortunately, it was a bit too late that they realized what went wrong.

Four million followers & ruling Party in four states! That awkward moment when Congress party sent out a thank you tweet to the Bollywood’s “Big B” Amitabh Bachchan, not realizing it’s his ‘fake handle’ that followed them!! Now I’m certain that the Congress handle is being run by none other than the Raga himself!!- said a tweet in response.

Well the Congress party itself is the biggest Scamster party. We have been tolerating them and then they come up with the term intolerance people have been tolerating FOR SUCH A LONG TIME shows we Indians are really tolerant- another tweet.



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