Had Congress followed the same path of PM Modi’s government my brother would have been alive: Sarabjit Singh’s sister

The sister of Sarbjit Singh has come out heavily on Congress for betraying their family and India during their government. Sarbjit Singh was an Indian Nationalist who was abducted by Pakistanis in 1991. He was convicted by the Pakistan court on charges of spying and organizing terror activities in Lahore.

The Pakistan court had not given him access to lawyers and had sentenced him to death in the year 1991, but his execution was stayed till 2008. Later in April 2013, the Pakistan informed that Sarbjit Singh was killed following an attack by inmates inside Lahore prison.

Before Sarbjit Singh was killed, Sabjit Singh’s sister had then appealed to the Congress government in the centre to file a case against the Pakistan in the International Court of Justice. But the Congress government took no action and did not have interest to go against Pakistan.

Sarbajit Singh’s sister said to Indian Express “Some activists had told me about this court where I could file a case against a nation. I approached a minister and a secretary-rank officer of the UPA government in 2007-08 and requested them to file the case in the International Court of Justice for release of my brother Sarabjit Singh from the Pakistan jail. But they declined to help me, saying that I should go to the ICJ on my own and the government cannot play any role in it.” “Had the UPA government followed the same channel and taken up my brother’s case with the International Court of Justice (ICJ), he would have been among us today.”

“I had no capacity to reach the ICJ. Why would the ICJ listen to an ordinary woman contesting against a nation? Even when the then government declined my request, I kept requesting its representatives to raise Sarabjit’s matter in the ICJ. But the UPA government never listened to me.”

“The Modi government acted quickly and did everything that was required to save a citizen of our country. As I watched the news today, I could not help thinking that had the then government reacted in the same manner, my brother might have been sitting beside me today.”

She added that it is a victory of the entire Nation, government and the entire team of lawyers. She also said that hopefully Kulbushan is safe and continue to remain safe. Pakistan should learn from its mistakes and provide proof that Kulbushan is alive.

Aishwarya S