Congress game plan demolished! Maya Kodnani accused of Naroda Patiya riots finally acquitted after 16 years!

2002 Gujarat Riots literally destroyed the carriers and lives of many innocent people who were wrongly implicated of causing riots and communal tension in the state. The Congress utilized this opportunity to blame the BJP and specifically Narendra Modi to stop his growth. Upright police officers, civil servants and many innocent people were tortured and forced to name Narendra Modi in the riots.

Maya Kodnanai was one such person who was victimized in the dirty game of politics. Maya Kodnanai was a popular gynaecologist who dedicated her entire life for the service of people. Recognizing her service, she was given minister’s post by the then Narendra Modi government. But sadly she was named as the prime accused in the Naroda Patiya massacre.

The Naroda Patiya massacre happened during the Gujarat riots where ninety-seven people were killed who were mainly women and children. Maya Kodnani was arrested by the SIT formed which accused her of conspiring the entire massacre. She was sentenced for 28 years jail in 2012 by SIT court which had also convicted Babu Bajrangi. Kodnani was awarded a 28-year jail term and Bajrangi was awarded imprisonment till his last breath. Ten persons were sentenced to prison for 31 years, while the rest were handed down 24-year imprisonment.

Out of 29 acquittals by the special SIT court, Gujarat high court upheld 26 acquittals while it convicted three persons. They were however convicted of minor offences like arson and stone pelting etc. Gujarat HC upheld the conviction of 12 persons in the case including Bajrangi. The court awarded uniform punishment of 21 years jail to all convicts.

Kodnani had applied for bail several times during which Amit Shah himself had given a testimony supporting her in the court. After 16 years of fight, Maya Kodnani has been finally acquitted by the Gujarat High court today. The court quashed all cases against her and acquitted her role in the Naroda Patiya case based on doubts of her role in the massacre. A bench headed by Justice Harsha Devani heard arguments from all three sides for more than eight months. Proceedings began on December 19, 2016, and concluded in August last year.

Finally, the innocent Maya Kodnani has been acquitted and discharged of all cases which is nothing but a win against the conspiracy cooked up by the Congress and its supporters like Teesta Setalvad. It is said that various police officers and other civil servants were forced to implicate Maya Kodnani in the case and just to attack PM Modi in the case.

But the entire plot of Congress now seems to be exposed and all innocents like Sadhvi Pragya, Purohit, Swami Aseemanand and now Maya Kodnani have been cleared off in most cases.  RVS Mani who was the former Home Secretary had earlier clarified that the UPA government was hell-bent to implicate Modi and all his associates desperately in the 2002 Gujarat riots.


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