Congress government in Karnataka spends Rs 25 Lakh tax payers money to renovate a newly constructed building for Rahul Gandhi!

How to loot tax payers money??

First, get crores of money sanctioned to build a guest house or any government building. Give the contract to a substandard company and use cheap materials for construction. Again spend crores to inaugurate the building and claim its for people. When a VIP plans to visit, again get lakhs of money sanctioned and spend in the name of renovation!

This is exactly what Congress is doing in Karnataka. The president of the Congress party Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to visit Koppal district in Karnataka on Feb 10th. The Congress government has made all sorts of VIP arrangements for his visit, well its their party member and people have no problem if they want to prove their sycophancy to their President. But why is the government wasting tax payers money?

The shocking part is, this guest house in Koppal was inaugurated just 2 months back and it is not an old guest house that requires renovation. Just 2 months back, the government spent crores of money on construction and inauguration. The basic question here is, what is the necessity to renovate a 2 month old building? Is the building in such bad condition or was it constructed just for the sake of looting money?!

But if you get to know what exactly was the renovation, you will be more shocked. The room in which Rahul Gandhi is planned to stay has got new fan, new bed, new furniture, fridge and AC. Apart from this, there is no special renovation done. So does it cost 25 lakhs for these things?

Take a look!



Well, if the Congress really wants to please their high command, they should spend their personal money and why is government’s money being wasted on fake renovations. According to sources, the guest house constructed 2 months back was in good condition and many ministers used it when they visited Koppal district.

The people in Koppal district are demanding answers from government, asking them while the district is suffering from drinking water crisis, why is tax payers money being used on politicians comforts. Instead of using their own money or party funds, Congress is making all arrangements for Rahul Gandhi in government’s money.

25 Lakh may be a small amount to politicians, but people slog many years to earn the same 25 Lakh. Will the same politicians give away 25 lakhs from their pocket for people’s welfare? They shouldn’t forget that each rupee in the government is the hard earned money of people and not the property of any politician! Past 1 year, the Congress is following the same protocol in every aspect where 200-300 crores are getting sanctioned for unnamed and useless projects.

A huge amount of money was sanctioned for steel flyover, nobody knows where did the sanctioned money go? The government announced they would give laptops for engineering students, for which over 300 crores was sanctioned, but until now not 100 people have got Laptops. Thousands of crores was released for river cleaning, how many rivers/lakes have been cleaned in Bangalore?? Various reports are emerging on huge fraud in Indira Canteen, so where is the money going?

This is how the Congress government is looting money before the elections.Just watch the Karnataka Budget 2018, you will see hell number of wired schemes that will be announced by Siddaramaiah in a bid to loot money in everyone’s name.

Aishwarya S