Congress government secretly spent crores of tax payers money for security of Robert Vadra’s mother Maureen Vadra!

The Timesnow today broke a shocking story in which they have exposed the blatant misuse of people’s money to give security to a lady whose son called our country Banana republic.

Yes, it is none other than Robert Vadra’s mother Maureen Vadra. Maureen Vadra is no way related to the Gandhi-Nehru family and has no threat, but the Congress government had given her security for over 10 years. The security was started by the Congress government in the year 2004 after they defeated BJP in the general elections. Since then, Vadra’s mother is being provided security secretly without taking approval from the MHA.

Any security for people gets approval for the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) but the Congress government has not informed the MHA regarding the security of Maureen Vadra but has taken security from the Delhi police at lower levels. Massive funds was spent on her security for over 10 years. According to reports, the government has spent over 10 crores in 13 years just for her security.

She has been provided 6 officers who guard her 24/7 since 2004 and still it is being continued. The big issue is that MHA has no approval for this and the entire decision has been taken in lower levels in a hidden fashion. After the Modi government took over, the security cover was downgraded.

So the mother in law of Priyanka Gandhi was given security even though she had no security threat but just for the reason that she is distantly related to the Gandhi-Nehru family. This is nothing but blatant misuse of power and money by the Sonia Gandhi lead Congress government.

The worst part is Maureen Vadra has been accused of misappropriation of funds and involved in many land scams in which her son Robert Vadra is also involved. She is under the scanner of the Enforcement Directorate for many years now and her companies have been accused of  evading huge amount of taxes.

So the Congress government on orders of Sonia Gandhi gave security to a corrupt lady who has been looting our country. This is indeed a shameful act of the Congress government which thinks the Gandhis are above law and the ROYALs of India!

The present government MUST cancel all security given to these people and prevent the tax payers money being wasted.

Aishwarya S


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