Congress hand in Bharat Bandh! Explosive letters exchanged between Rahul Gandhi and Congress Trade Union reveals Congress plan of gaining political advantage of the Bandh

It has not been long of the two day nationwide strike called by the Central Trade Unions (CTU) to protest against government policies that a letter has come forefront showing the Congress party’s anti-national agenda.
This letter accessed by Republic TV has been exchanged between Congress President Rahul Gandhi and a Congress Trade Union in which clear references have been made to the party taking political advantage of the bandh ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

The first letter was written by Rahul Gandhi in December to Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) chairman Mr Sanjeeva Reddy encouraging him to carry out a strike, citing job losses, agrarian distress and the ‘tragic consequences’ of demonetisation and GST’s rollout, which the Congress president has grouped together as the ‘anti-people policies of the government’. In his letter dated December 20, Rahul Gandhi asks the INTUC chairman to provide a platform to unions affiliated with INTUC to amplify the voice of millions suffering anti-government policies of the government

To the response of the above letter the INTUC chairman confirms to the Congress President that the strike he had asked for would take place on January 8 and 9, and proceeds to ask for Congress support for the strike saying the party’s expression of solidarity will help it in the Lok Sabha elections.

“This strike will be very successful so the Congress Party may take advantage by expressing solidarity so that the entire working class of this country will repose faith and hope in the Congress Party and Congress President which will help us in the ensuing Lok Sabha election.”

The strike for two days has been organized by Central Trade Unions nationwide today to protest against the government’s alleged anti-worker policies and unilateral labour reforms. The Jawaharlal Nehru University student unions have also supported the strike.As many as 10 Central Trade Unions (CTUs) have joined hands to go on a two-day nationwide strike. 20 crore workers are expected to join the strike. The unions will go on protest march from Mandi House to Parliament in New Delhi on Wednesday. Similar protests would be done across the country.

This shows the real face of Anti-nationalist Congress which has always exploited the nation for their political benefits. They only want to be in power by hook and crook for which they will stoop to the lowest level

Congress is such a shameful party which don’t even think how much loss a nation will have to bear. They only think how they have to fulfill their political agendas. It is high time people should realize this and throw this party out of power