Congress stand with fraudsters! Letter from senior most Congress leader ‘thanking’ corporate lobbyist Deepak Talwar accessed

Congress has ruled the nation for more than 55 years. But what Congress has given to the nation is only scams and corruption. This party left no stone unturned in looting the people of the nation.

Any anti-national activity emerges, any scam emerges one name which can’t be separated from it and is closely associated to it is the name of the grand oldest party of India Congress.

As expected after the extradition of the Deepak Talwar beans will be spilled and many things about the Congress party will come out, so it happened.

In a big revelation, it has come to forefront that the senior most leaders of the Congress and the then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Digvijay Singh has written a letter to the middleman and fraudster Deepak Talwar for thanking him for his services as reported by Times Now.

Times Now has accessed the letter in which Digvijay Singh is found expressing his gratitude to the middleman Talwar for allegedly getting his and his family’s air tickets to Houston upgraded from Economy class to Business class.

This is not the first time the links of senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has come up with fraudsters and anti –India elements. Recently, a letter had also emerged written by Digvijay Singh to Urban Naxals which established a link between him and Urban Naxals. Details of Digvijaya Singh along with his phone number were found in the letters seized from the suspected Maoists.

The matter is currently under investigation of the Pune Police and the police are doing its best to grab all the culprits

Deepak Talwar is a corporate lobbyist and acted as a “middleman” in bilateral service agreements signed with West Asian countries as well as aircraft purchases by the state-owned Air India.

It was also revealed day before that the middleman and the lobbyist Talwar has received “exorbitant amounts” from Emirates, Air Arabia and Qatar Airways from June 2008 to February 2009.

ED’s remand paper says that Talwar received “kickbacks” to the tune of 45 million US dollars in his “Bank of Singapore” account from Emirates (June to November 2008). Also, he allegedly received 1.5 crore US dollars from Qatar and Air Arabia (June 2008 to Feb 2009). ED has also given details of the accounts “directly or indirectly” controlled by Khaitan which received the payments.

It has said that the said payments received were “very near to the time of signing of the respective” bilateral agreements. It added that the said payments were “not usual business transactions” and the same were “basically proceeds of crime”

The agency had registered a case in May 2017 on charges of abuse of power by public servants who allegedly received kickbacks to make the national carrier give up profit-making routes and profit-making timings of Air India in favour of national and international domestic and foreign private airlines. This, as per the agency, resulted in a huge loss of market share to Air India and pecuniary benefits to private domestic and foreign airlines.

It is really embarrassing that from so many years our nation was in the hand of looters. These fraudsters have only developed themselves and never ever thought of building the nation. It will be our biggest mistake if we still believe them and vote for them in the upcoming elections. It is high time to throw this party out of the nation which has like termites rotten our nation