Congress and Hardik Patel blame EVM’s for loss, says BJP won by tampering EVMs!

The Congress and Hardik Patel are back to their old rhetoric saying that they lost Gujarat elections because of EVM tampering. This is the most silly argument being made by Congress and Hardik who could not make any significant impact in the Gujarat elections even after Patidar agitation which was aimed to defeat BJP.

Hardik Patel gave a press statement after the results were declared in which he mocked BJP saying “Congratulations to BJP for winning the elections by tampering EVMs!” He said the EVMs in Surat, Ahmedabad and few other places where BJP has won with great margin, EVMs were tampered. He went on to say other places the EVMs were not tampered where Congress has won many seats.

This was one of the most lame statement made by him which shows the shallowness of his thinking. He is indirectly mocking the people of Gujarat who have voted for BJP and blamed the Election Commission for BJP win. Seems like these people want to completely destroy the democratic institutions of the country by spreading false propaganda. Ultimately there will be no institution left to be trusted and people like Congress, left and liberals will bring up authoritarian/dynastic rules just the way they believe in China model.

Hardik made a silly comparison saying, if ATMs can be tampered why not EVM’s. When a journalist asked for proof or challenge the EC of hacking the EVMs tampering he said he has no much information as to how it is done.

Such arguments should not be encouraged by EC and a stringent warning must be given to those people spreading false news. Its become a habit for Congress and all its supporters since 2014 to blame EVMs whenever BJP wins any elections. Instead of introspecting their loss, they are indulging in blame game and insulting the voters of the country.

Aishwarya S