This is how Congress has hijacked each and every structure in India!!! Indians will never vote to Congress after knowing this

Need an answer? Here is why we hate Congress to the core! Here’s why we are hardcore rightists!

Why always criticise the Congress party? It is in fact a political party with a great history, sustaining itself since the pre-independence times in India. Well, though it is true that it was reasonably washed out of the mainstream political scenario in 2014, its ideals still strive to come back to form somewhere down the line. So why consider it a worthless entity and sideline the great INC altogether? Why, after all, do we hate it so much?

The answer lies in one strategy adapted by the party throughout – dynasty based politics. The young man in his late forties from the Italian descent portraying himself as a genuinely concerned Indian leader has only turned out to be a big fat joke in India. He doesn’t even matter, to be practical. What does matter is the propaganda adapted by the party since a decade that hasside lined our important factors and highlighted merely dynasty oriented litter.

It all started from Jawaharlal Nehru’s adamant efforts through his father Motilal Nehru, to become the first Prime Minister of India. While it was almost affirmed that SardarVallabhbhai Patel would be the first Prime Minister, Motilal Nehru strategically ‘requested away’ the position to Jawaharlal Nehru. And the rest is history. The Congress party has stood as a synonym for monarchical rule in India, for generation after generation; the family went on producing Prime Ministers of India. Indira Gandhi afterJawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi after her and now the ambitious and self-proclaimed deserving ‘chirag’ of the family, Rahul Gandhi.Who doesn’t stand a chance by the way, but that is secondary.

It was indeed a strange thing that Dr. Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister from INC even when Rahul Gandhi was in the front running. Perhaps, the consequential assassination of two former Prime Ministers from the family scared off Sonia Gandhi a little. Or, perhaps Sonia Gandhi did after all comprehend the fact that her son is no good!

Regardless of the break in the dynasty ruling, Congress has never let go of the propaganda for dynasty politics. Even the Congress leaders who did not belong to the dynasty were somehow converted into apt followers of the propaganda. Every move, every new step by the Man Mohan Singh government was given the name of one of the members from the Gandhi family. Did you know that 99 government institutions in India and 66 policies are named after the Gandhi family?

The recent anger-filled revelation by the Rishi Kapoor family has left us in a state of speculation. While Rishi Kapoor was criticised for naming a few of his private institutions over his own name, he and his family that while the Congress has been naming national assets in its family name, what is wrong in naming private ones? Here, have a look at the grand ‘Gandhi family’ named assets of the country –

1. 17  policies passed through the union are named after the Gandhi family

2. 49 policies passed through the state government of Karnataka are named after the Gandhi family

3. 26 Sports awards are named after the Gandhi family

4. 17 sports stadiums and grounds are named after the Gandhi family

5. 4 geographical attractions are named after the Gandhi family

6. 9 airports and ports are named after the Gandhi family

7. 4 power plants are named after the Gandhi family

8. 99 universities and educational institutions are named after the Gandhi family

9. 41 awards and national recognitions are named after the Gandhi family

10. 17 student scholarships and fellowships are named after the Gandhi family

11. 17 national reserve forests, gardens and museums are named after the Gandhi family

12. 37 medical colleges and hospitals are named after the Gandhi family

13. 35 other institutions and events are named after the Gandhi family

14. 37 buildings and roads are named after the Gandhi family


What was everyone else doing? What was the entire parliament drunk on when all these assets of the country were named after a single family? Have people from this family died bringing us independence? Were they the first entrepreneurs like JRD Tata? Did they resist the division of India and Pakistan? What has this family done for the nation other than looting it in broad daylight?

Then why is everything named and still being named over this shameless family? Isn’t it a shame that even the most recent and ambitious project of the Karnataka state government was named ‘Indira Canteen’? Why have even the rest of the leaders turned into shameless dynasty slaves?

There were thousands of people who sacrificed their lives for the country. Sidelining them, the prominent national festivals of India are Gandhi Jayanti, Nehru’s birthday, and more birthdays and death anniversaries of Congress leaders. No one even remembers LalBahadurShastri on 2nd of October. We do not even know when Subhas Chandra Bose passed away. We do not remember the names of Kargil heroes. I mean, Are we all dumb and blind?

The ridiculousness has to stop sometime, it has to stop NOW. We are the world’s largest democracy, and it is a massive black mark to let one family rule us this way. Hopefully, the responsible leaders and aware citizens of India shall stop turning a blind eye towards all this and not let the dynasty take over anymore. This is a plea for the leaders within the Congress as well we hope you stop being a shameless dynasty slave. Hopefully, we won’t shame ourselves yet again, letting outsiders take over our administration through own foolish ignorance. It can be inferred confidently that the downfall of Congress is surely for the best of the country.

Ashwini Jain