Congress holds beef festival ahead of PM Modi’s visit to Kerala!

 Today, Prime Minister Modi arrived in Kochi to inaugurate the first phase of Kochi Metro at the Kaloor International Stadium. As it always is, his priority of the visit was to talk development and how the city of Kochi and India will progress in the times to come.

But none of his visits these days goes by without a controversy. The Congress party made a sickening show of protest as it conducted a huge cow meat festival to welcome Prime Minister Modi. This is another attempt of the Congress party at targeting the government’s new rules regarding cattle sale and slaughter. A few days back members of the same party had slaughtered a cow in public to oppose the rules.

Police arrested Kerala Youth Congress workers who held the beef festival. The festival took place near the Southern Naval Command’s air terminal where Prime Minister Modi later arrived. The Congress workers were cooking and serving beef when they were arrested.

The Congress party has terribly lost the plot. Their anti-Hindu mentality is now coming out in the open as it loses Hindu votes to Prime Minister Modi.

Being opposed to a decision is acceptable in a democracy, but to go to the extent of slaughtering a cow in public to show dissent is heinous to say the very least. Also, Prime Minister Modi is a staunch Hindu. To welcome such a devout Hindu with beef is cruel and crosses the line.

As usual, Rahul Gandhi is vacationing abroad while his people are slaughtering cows and disrespecting the prime minister. This blatant display of cooking and serving beef goes to show how inherently anti-Hindu Congress is. They will go to any extent to disrespect the religion if it could be of political advantage to them.

Vinayak Jain