Congress hugs Tukde tukde gang, but arrests people who chant Modi slogans: Amit Shah makes scathing attack on Congress!

When you get desperate, you are bound to do the most foolish things. This is a universal truth. Congress seems to be in the same condition as they are facing huge difficulty facing Modi.

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi arrived in Bangalore at Manyata Tech Park to interact with IT professionals as a part of his election campaign. However, the Techies who are well aware of Rahul Gandhi’s silly acts were not very impressed or excited at his arrival. Many Modi supporters among them took the opportunity to chant Modi slogans as soon as Rahul Gandhi arrived which embarrassed him big time.

The police were instructed by the Congress leaders to disperse the pro-Modi crowds which had gathered in large numbers. But the police were unable to control the crowds which angered Rahul Gandhi and his party men who then ordered the police to lathi charge the Modi supporters. Same time, the NSUI President of Bangalore and many Congress members along with police pounded on these peaceful supporters and indulged in assaulting and attacking them causing injury which leads to a chaotic environment.

But the police took away many Modi supporters and tried to chase them away from the venue.

Take a look at the proof!

The Congress leaders were apparently annoyed with police for not controlling the crowd and said to have abused many police constables badly. Even while Rahul Gandhi was returning back, the Modi supporters kept chanting slogans against him which caused a great embarrassment to Congress. According to locals, more than 1000 people were chanting Pro Modi slogans and the Congress got worried which made them use police force against them said a few.

A day after the incident, Amit Shah has come heavily on Congress for attacking innocent people and using police power against youths. Shah in his tweet made a scathing attack, saying Congress would hug the Tukde Tukde gang who chant Anti India slogans but will arrest people who chant Pro Modi slogans.

He said, “Hugs for ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang and arrest of peaceful youth raising pro-Modi slogans? Where are the champions of ‘Free Speech’? Yuvraj (prince) of Congress must know that time follows the course taken by youngsters. Stop intimidating youth of India, which has rejected your brand of politics”

The people of Bangalore also have reacted strongly against Congress for using police to target Modi supporters. Moreover, these supporters of Modi were employees working in Manyata Tech Park and complained that they were not allowed to go inside the premises despite having ID proof.

This incident has caused great embarrassment for Rahul Gandhi who is already being criticized for his childish behaviour and irresponsible statements.

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