Congress insider spills the beans, confirms Rahul Gandhi did say ‘Congress was a Muslim party to Urdu Daily’!

It is well-known fact that Congress has always been into appeasement politics since the time of Independence. They have crossed all limits neglecting every other person in their brazen appeasement politics which has gone to the extent of even supporting terrorists. Congress openly backed anti-national elements and terrorists who were directly involved in killing hundreds of innocents. The main issue was not just appeasing a particular community but had ulterior motives of demeaning Hindus with their Fake Saffron Terror, Hindu terror narrative which was initiated in 2008 to save real terrorists. This attitude of Congress was one of the main reason they lost the 2014 elections as people realised their real mindset.

But post 2014 elections, Congress got a sense that India was seeing them as a mere minority party and not a National party anymore.  This prompted Congress to pretend as they are Hindu supporters. Rahul Gandhi who became the President of Congress last year suddenly started visiting temples and Mutts during elections to garner Hindu votes. He went to the extent of saying that he was a Janeudhari Hindu which earned him massive criticism.

Amidst the controversy, recently Rahul Gandhi has given a statement to an Urdu Daily where he has claimed that Congress was for Muslims, which has literally dented the image of the Congress once again. But the Congress which was in damage control mode immediately tried to cover up the issue saying Rahul Gandhi never made such statements and it was a mere propaganda.

But seems like Congress is running out of luck as one of their own person has now confirmed that Rahul Gandhi did say that Congress was for Muslims. The Times Now which reported this news said “One of the party insider had confirmed them that Rahul Gandhi made the controversial remark while speaking to Urdu Daily”.

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Just after the controversy erupted, the Minority Cell head of Congress Nadeem Javed defended Rahul Gandhi saying “Rahul Gandhi was right in saying “हाँ,हम मुसलमानों की पार्टी है” (Yes, we are a party for Muslims).”

Apart from this, the editor of Inquilab, Mumtaz Rizvi confirmed that he had quoted what Rahul Gandhi said “Yes, I wrote….Congress is a party for Muslims, that itself confirms the point”.

So, the Congress had once again proved their real agenda and Rahul Gandhi should probably stop enacting drama and theatrics of projecting himself as a great Hindu devotee by visiting Temple during elections. People have seen enough and it is high time Congress and the dynasty stop thinking people as fools.

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