Congress is getting dangerous than separatists and this ultimately benefits Pakistan

General Bipin Rawat is a “Sadak Chap Gunda” (Roadside thug). This sentence is not said by any Pakistani journalist or their politician but was said by Sandeep Dixit of the Indian National Congress which ruled India for 70 years.  General Bipin Rawat is serving our motherland from past 37 years. He didn’t go home when his kids or wife were not well, he didn’t go home to celebrate his married anniversary every year. He didn’t secretly go for 2 months partying in foreign pubs like Rahul Gandhi. But he wholeheartedly spent his life serving the nation. He led from the front, saw many of his colleagues die due to enemy’s bullets but never backed down. But today for all his sacrifices, he is called a “Sadak Chap Gunda”. Sandeep Dixit is the son of former Delhi CM Sheila Dixit. So his roots lay in a party which always put national interests aside just for their greediness. But we all know that General Rawat won’t be disappointed and render his service to our motherland with great zeal.

Not even a keen political observer can say that Congress is getting dangerous towards India’s integrity. It is getting dangerous than the separatists. Now let us throw light on few sentences said by Congress which severely hurt India. Am again saying that let us focus on few sentences because there are thousands of statements given by Congress which India is ashamed to even think of.

Manishankar Aiyar:

Mani Shankar Aiyar is a former Indian diplomat turned politician is known for his bad-mouth. He had justified the Paris attack that happened in 2015 which killed 129 people. He said that this attack was due to the frequent attacks on Islam. He adds that Islam phobia is promoted by the western nations.

After few days of giving this statement, he asked Pakistan’s help in defeating PM Modi in the elections. He said that unless Modi is removed from power, issues between India and Pakistan won’t be resolved peacefully. This person begged with Pakistan to help it, where is the ethics Mr Mani Shankar. Pakistan is killing our Jawans and you want them to help you.

Salman Khursid:

Salman Khurshid is an Indian politician, designated senior advocate, eminent author and a law teacher. He is yet another legend from Congress who shamed India through his bad-mouth.

During his tour to Pakistan, he said that Modi led government is a hurdle for peace talk. He said Pakistan is flying pigeons of peace whereas India is shooting them down. Mr Khurshid praised Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif and criticised PM Modi. Whole India knows that whether Pakistan send pigeons or vultures.

Kapil Sibal:

Congress’s Digvijay Singh said that ‘India-Occupied-Kashmir’ instead of PoK a year ago to cheer the Pakistan. The Congress leader also referred to terrorists Osama bin Laden as “Osamaji” and Hafiz Saeed as ”Saheb“.

Sanjay Nirupam:

Mumbai Congress Chief Sanjay Nirupam said “Every Indian wants surgical strikes against Pakistan but not a fake one to extract just political benefit by BJP. He openly called surgical strike as a fake and insulted the Army.

Rahul Gandhi:

Raga said that PM Modi is hiding behind the blood of the soldiers. He blamed Modi of “Khoon Ki Dalali”, slightly altering his mother’s statement “Mauth Ka Saudagar”.

Apart from this, terrorist Ishrat Jahan is an innocent and Kashmir is India-occupied-Kashmir.  The research team of Congress went ahead and found a term called “Saffron Terrorism” just to appease Pak sponsored terrorists.

Now what is “Sadak Chap Gunda”? Is manhandling a police personnel is an act of bravery? Yes, days ago we had seen how Rahul Gandhi man handled police personnel.

Congress government didn’t even leave a single chance to blame Modi. Blaming central government is fine but Congress chose the wrong topic. Yes, it chose to target Army, Indian culture, Kashmir issues and many more.

But the real problem is that Pakistan is showing these baseless allegations made by Congress as the reality of India. They are gradually been successful in showing the world that nothing is right in India. Congress has started to directly help Pakistan.

Till now we had to deal with separatists but now what shall we do when our very own Congress party insults the Indian army every now and then?

Vikrant Raj