Congress-JDS government to hold Tipu Jayanti despite massive opposition!

Ever since the Siddaramaiah lead Congress government came to power in Karnataka in 2013, they started a new trend of celebrating Tipu Jayanti to appease a section of people for vote banks.Tipu Sultan who is regarded ad the most controversial king who initiated mass conversion, killing and disrespecting Hindu religion, is being deliberately glorified by the Congress government.

The Karnataka people, especially from Coorg, Melkote, Chitradurga have suffered immensely under the hands of Tipu Sultan who was responsible for the killing of Lakhs of Hindus in the region just because they followed Hindu traditions. The women, children were tortured, their men were killed to create fear and forcibly convert them to Islam.

Such a person who was responsible for the destruction of Hindu religion, is now being glorified by Congress government. Despite many people openly speaking against Tipu Jayanti, the Congress hasn’t heard their pleas and continues to glorify a mass murderer.

“The government will celebrate Tipu Jayanti, but all processions, both for and against have been banned. We have requested 10 companies of RAF from Centre. All officers have been informed,” Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara said. The government has warned of stern action against those trying to violate law and order that day.

5 years back, it was well witnessed how the Tipu Jayanti had created extreme chaos and violence in Karnataka which lead to the lead of innocent people. But even today the Congress hasn’t realised the mistake and continues to divide people on religion.

Meanwhile, union minister Ananthkumar Hegde had requested the state government not to include his name in the invitation card for the event. But Parameshwara said that Hegde’s name had already been included in he card and it was up to him to decide whether he wanted to attend the function or not.

Hegde had made a similar request last year also. In 2016,he had flayed the government for celebrating Tipu Jayanti despite opposition from some sections of society living in coastal belts and Kodagu areas, claiming that the ruler was “against Kannada language and anti-Hindu”.

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