Congress joins hands with the party that wanted to kill 100 crore Hindus! This time only cheat Muslim women

Muslim women were disappointed by the Rajiv Gandhi’s government when they denied to put an end to triple talaq. But PM Modi didn’t let that injustice to continue as they staunchly opposed the triple talaq practice which was totally unacceptable.

So, the Modi govt decided to table The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2017, which seeks to criminalise the practice of triple talaq.

The draft Bill says, “any pronouncement of talaq by a person upon his wife, by words, either spoken or written or in electronic form or in any other manner whatsoever, shall be void and illegal”.

In addition to this, the provision also says that the person who follows triple talaq may be jailed for upto 3 years and even fined.

Congress cheats Muslim women along with Owaisi!

But Congress party is blocking this bill in the parliament that too a with bizarre logic. Congress even unleashed its spokesperson and made it clear that they will block the historic triple talaq bill.

“I don’t think we can support it because they didn’t made us understand how this criminality of Triple Talaq will benefit women. If someone is lodged in prison as a punishment for saying Triple Talaq, who will take care of his family”. This is how former union minister and senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid. But Mr Salman Khurshid forgot that even Pakistan and Turkey also gives imprisonment of one year to a man who gives triple talaq.

Asaduddin Owaisi says triple talaq bill violates “fundamental rights”, OMG!!!

“Abandoning wife is a fundamental right”, is this what Owaisi meant to say? Where are the pseudo-feminists who otherwise shout on streets for silly matters? How can Muslim women be treated like this by her own husband? Owaisi went on to say that this bill does injustice to Muslim women. Let us remind Oawisi that India is run by the constitution and not by any other religious texts.

This amazing decision of abolishing triple talaq was also opposed by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). It even demanded to abolish the triple talaq and let it continue as it is. So, the AIMPLB has made its stance clear and wants the Muslim women to suffer.

But Triple Talaq victims are praising PM Modi!

“We are really happy that the process started by PM Narendra Modi for Muslim women is going to succeed. Today will be much more significant in a Muslim woman’s life than Eid or Bakrid”. This was the statement made by Faiza Khan, who was also a victim of triple talaq.

A Muslim woman was given Triple Talaq just for waking up late in Uttar Pradesh!

“Triple Talaq Bill be tabled in the parliament today. All who’re going to oppose it just for their Vote Bank, please also look the situation of Indian Muslim Women & our Society. Even today, A Muslim woman given Triple Talaq just for waking up late in Azimnagar, UP”.

This makes it clear that triple talaq has given the license to men to violate their wives.

Ananya Sharma


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