Congress Karnataka candidate Zameer Ahmed Khan makes shocking provocative speech, who is he threatening?

A video of Congress Karnataka candidate Zameer Ahmed talking to a Muslim crowd is going viral in all whats app groups. In the video, it is seen that Zameer Ahmed was campaigning for the upcoming Karnataka elections with a group of Muslims who apparently seem to be his supporters.

A man in the crowd is seem to be saying very aggressively that come what may we will stand by you and help you win. He is also seen promising on Allah and claiming that they will not stop. To which the Congress candidate Zameer Ahmed is saying that you give me the names of the people and I will show what I will do.

Zameer Ahmed also says that Siddaramaiah will become the Chief Minister and then no body can stop me from becoming the minister. After which he will show what he will do!

The big question here is, against whom are they saying that they will show their power, against whom are they expressing such anger and aggression. Winning elections is totally different from expressing hatred and anger which Zameer Ahmed and his men are doing in the video.

Ever since the video has gone viral, people are demanding answers from Zameer Ahmed what does he mean by saying “He will show what he will do once he has won.” Given his past, he has many times before made very provocative speeches for which he has received criticism. But now just 10 days before the elections, such speeches will only bring fear in the minds of people. Those people who are suppose to show absolute dignity and decorum in a public forum have stooped to a level of threatening and scaring people which has made public fear the politicians the most. It is difficult to understand whether they are law makers or law breakers!

Zameer Ahmed who was earlier in JDS came out of the party after he faced rift with Kumar Swamy and H D Deve Gowda and joined Congress. Since then has been praising Siddaramaiah. He called Siddaramaiah secular after the Congress party started celebrating Tipu Jayanthi despite massive opposition in the state. Zameer Ahmed has been a divisive figure since the time he was in JDS and now his speeches are proving the same.

Take a look at his provocative speech…Who is he threatening?



Disclaimer: The Postcard doe not hold responsibility for the authenticity of the video

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