Congress kidnaps its own MLAs; Dark day for Indian Democracy

Congress has proved time and again that it can go to any extent to any extent just to stay in power. Gujarat is facing the worst flood and at this crucial moment, the people need the support of the elected representatives. But all the MLAs of Congress are been literally captivated in the resorts on the order of Sonia Gandhi.

How can these MLAs be inside the heavily guarded resorts when their voters are suffering? Yes, the same thought is running in the minds of 44 Gujarati legislators who are kept in Karnataka resorts against their wish.

The reason given by Congress leaders is that “they are shifting their legislators to protect them from BJP’s money and muscle power”. By saying this, Congress itself is degrading its MLAs.

The MLAs were heavily guarded that they weren’t even allowed to use mobile phones or even telephones. This tragic act was done just to push on man into the Rajya Sabha. Yes, it is none other than Ahmed Patel.

Ahmed Patel had been a very important pillar of Sonia Gandhi. During UPA-1 and UPA-2, it was he who was constantly guided Sonia Gandhi.


Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are slowly losing their influence in India’s politics. If Ahmed Patel lose in Rajya Sabha election, than it will pose a serious question on Sonia’s leadership. So by any means, Congress doesn’t want to see Mr Patel losing.

Congress had considered Karnataka as a safe place to hide their MLAs. This is really a threat to democracy. Even the reporters are forbidden to meet the MLAs who are staying in the resorts. Now it is interesting to see whether Ahmed Patel wins the Rajya Sabha elections or not.

Nishika Ram