Congress leader expose Rahul Gandhi’s nepotism! Here how Robert Vadra made a backdoor entry to hold a key post in the Congress party

Well well, the Congress President trapped in yet again a deep trouble!! Kerala Congress Chief not convinced with Rahul Gandhi ?? Kerala Congress leader slams Rahul Gandhi’s move!! This Congress leader does not seem to be happy with Robert Vadra’s backdoor entry.

Kerala Congress leaders are deeply upset after Sreenivasan Krishnan was made AICC Secretary of Telangana
blatant dynasty and nepotism once again in the Congress by Rahul Gandhi – How can Rahul appoint a Vadra aide to a key post??

Can Rahul explain why former Vadra aide was given a prominent post despite opposition within party ranks? Rahul Gandhi Inducts Robert Vadra’s business partner Sreenivasan as new AICC Secretary! Its another indication that Priyanka Vadra continues to influence AICC affairs!!

Nobody has the right to challenge the President of the party, says Sreenivasan Krishnan, AICC Secretary, Telangana

Is family the first preference for the Congress President?? Should he have considered this as a representative of the Grand Old Party? Will this decision be considered sensible?? Well, each of us know the answer to these questions but keep ranting it on and on.

This move neither surprises me, neither shocks me. In this party, you don’t need talent anymore: says Shehzad Poonawalla. “It will always be the Kaamdar who will triumph over the naamdar, so Rahul Gandhi should get rid of naamdars and get some Kaamdars”, he added.