Congress leader Kapil Sibal says Triple talaq is a belief just like Hindus believe in Lord Ram!

Since Supreme Court has taken up the issue of Triple Talaq, the congress leaders Kapil Sibal is representing the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) arguing to retain triple talaq. He has consistently supported Triple Talaq saying that Supreme court has no rights to take decision on the belief of Muslims.

Since the time the BJP racked up the issue of Triple talaq, many Muslim women have come forward expressing their anger against the illogical and illegal practice. Many women wrote letters to the Prime Minister and the UP Chief Minister seeking justice after they were divorced by their husbands.

The Supreme Court which is now reviewing the matter as given chance to both the sides to put their arguments. But the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has put forth bizarre arguments saying that Triple talaq is a belief of Muslims just like how Hindus believe in Lord Ram.

Kapil Sibal argued that Triple talaq is in existence since 637, who are we to say it un-islamic, it is a matter of faith to all Muslims and have been practicing since 1500 years. And hence there exists no question of morality and equality.

He made a ridiculous comparison that Hindus believe that Lord Ram was born in Ayodhya which is a matter of faith and there is no question of constitutional morality in that. He also added that Muslim marriage is a contract through nikahnama between adults and so is divorce. He argued if marriage itself is a contract, then why not divorce and asked why should others bother about this practice.

He said that Triple talaq was introduced during the time of prophet Mohammed so there is no question of constitutional morality.

But this man Kapil Sibal should understand that comparing the illegal practice of triple talaq to Lord Ram, he has hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Moreover the birth of Lord Ram in ayodhya is not just a bling story or myth which the Hindus believe, but the archeological evidence suggest that Ayodhya was the place of Ram’s birth. Scientific evidence have been produced to show that Lord Ram existed as described in the Ramayan.

When kapil Sibal asks “why others are bothered about triple talaq” he should first look that it is not Hindus who are complaining about Triple talaq, but it is their own Muslim women who are complaining. He should answer to those ladies who were thrown out of the houses just because they gave birth to girl child, he should answer to those ladies who slept with another man to save their marriages through Nikah Halala.

These nonsense arguments put forth by Kapil Sibal is just a way to please their vote banks and help those so called Muslim clerics to abuse women and suppress their growth in the name of religion!

Aishwarya S