Congress leader Ramya announced Rs 25,000 award if anyone sends her picture of PM Modi in flood affected area; Read how it got backfired

She was in news from the day one after she joined politics. The “Queen of controversy”, Ramya once said that Pakistan is not hell but Mangalore is. This love towards Pakistan was expected; don’t forget that once Mani Shankar Ayyar had asked Pakistan’s help to defeat Modi in elections. When all were baffled thinking why she is giving such controversial statements, Rahul Gandhi elected her as the head of Karnataka social media team.

Soon after this, she started her full-fledged operation in social media but most of the times it backfired at her and Rahul Gandhi. Yesterday, she said that “Ok guys, I’ll give you 25,000 rupees if you find me a picture of Modi with flood affected victims in Assam, Gujarat or Bihar. No photoshop”.

By this sentence, one think got cleared that Congress will never stop politicising the deaths of people in natural tragedies. But she forgot that her MLAs were enjoying in resorts that was sponsored by DK Shivakumar when Gujarat was flooded.

The twitter users soon sent pictures of PM Modi in the flood hit areas in the comments section of Ramya’s tweet. A user even urged her how to send the bank account details as he had sent the picture of PM Modi in the flooded affected area.

Actress Ramya finally blocked the user who showed her the evidence. By doing this, she denied him of giving Rs 25,000. This is the Congress culture of giving out fake promises but never fulfilling it. This is an extended branch of disruptive politics; here they try to deviate the public from the actual issue with the help of rhetoric and fake promises.

Another user advised her not to act like Mauli who denied of giving money to Sonu Nigam after he shaved his head.

After she had won the election, she was hardly seen addressing the people’s problems. And this twitter user just nailed Ramya.

Hansika Raj