Congress leader sacked from party for calling Rahul Gandhi ‘pappu’ in WhatsApp message

Thanks to the social media, we have distinct names for Indian politicians . Rahul Gandhi is better known as Pappu. But the congress party leaders (irrespective of seniority) do not have the freedom to address Raga singularly. They call him ‘Rahul Ji’. There may be times when a few congress leaders would want to criticize Raga, but democracy and the INC are contradictions.

One particular congress leader who tried exercising his democratic right was sacked from the Congress. Meerut district congress president Vinay Pradhan was sacked from the Congress for allegedly referring to Raga as ‘Pappu’ in a WhatsApp message. The Congress party believe that ‘Pappu’ is a derogatory term. In what sense, I really don’t know.

The Times of India reported that the WhatsApp message allegedly sent by Vinay Pradhan went viral. The message was sent on a WhatsApp group. The message did not criticize Raga in any possible manner. It was just a message to all of Pappu’s detractors that ‘Pappu could have achieved anything’, but he personally chose to stay away from the ‘limelight’.

The WhatsApp message

“Pappu could have joined hands with Adani, Ambani and Mallya but he did not do that. Pappu could have been a minister or even a Prime Minister, but he did not go down that road. Instead he put his life on the line by going to Mandsaur.”

However, Vinay Pradhan denied sending any such message on the INC WhatsApp group. He called it an attempt to ‘malign’ him. Pradhan added that the screenshots that were being circulated, were photoshopped.

Gimme a break, Mr Vinay Pradhan. Why would people try to malign you? I agree, you may be more capable than Pappu, but accept it sir. Try giving the Congress an honest reply. They’re not used to it, but since PM Modi is going to be reelected, they should now make it a habit to listen to the truth.

Apart from Pappu, I don’t agree with the part, where Vinay Pradhan  tried buttering Raga. Look at Dr. Subramanian Swamy, learn from him. Dr Swamy calls Raga ‘buddhu.’ He even calls Kejriwal ‘Shakuni’. Now that’s intelligence, timing and wit. Something that the Congress has always been alien to.

A letter of Pradhan’s removal from all posts for violating the ‘constitutional rights’ (seriously, do they have any) was issued by Ramakrishna Dwivedi, the Chairman of the disciplinary committee in Congress. Dwivedi made some seriously hilarious comments. He said that other parties were involved in this. He also said this was an effort by ‘other parties’ to divert attention from the issues of farmers in Madhya Pradesh.

BTW, PM Modi is better known as ‘Hindustan ka sher’.

Source: DNA

Alok Shetty