Congress leader Shashi Tharoor opposes Ram Mandhir construction, will Rahul Gandhi support him?

Since a while, Rahul Gandhi and Congress have suddenly realised that they cannot survive without Hindu votes, which is why they are projecting Rahul Gandhi as Shiv Bhakt, Janeudhari Hindu and what not.

Rahul Gandhi has suddenly started visiting temples, mutts during elections, posing himself to be a great Hindu devotee and fighting for the Hindu cause. But in reality, all he wants is to fool people while he supports anti Nationals, naxals and terrorists behind screen. As a proof to this, his own party leader Shashi Tharoor has sparked up controversy by opposing the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Shashi Tharoor who was speaking in the Dialogue 2018 said that he doesn’t support the construction of Ram Mandir in the place of Mosque. Answering to a question on Ram Mandir, he said “While majority of the Hindus believe that Ayodhya was the birth place of Ram, no true Hindu would want to see a temple built in the place of Mosque” He went to the extent of saying that earlier temple was built by demolishing a Mosque which belonged to others.

What Shashi Tharoor forgot to mention is that in the first place, the Mosque was built by destructing the temple which stood for hundreds of years before Mughal invasion. He forgots to mention the archaeological evidence which his own party Prime Minister PV Narsimha Rao had once agreed that it exists indicating that the Mosque was built by destructing the Ram Temple.

It is no surprise that Congress desperately wants to stop the construction of Ram Mandir and play politics over the issue for another decade supporting the minority community. Their leader Kapil Sibal is the main person who is representing the Muslims in Ram Mandir issue who wants the judgement to be adjourned till 2019 elections.

Now, the question is, will Rahul Gandhi who calls himself a Shiv Bhat, Janaeudhari Hindu, a Brahmin support the stand of Shashi Tharoor or will he stand for the rights of the Hindus which is long pending since decades? Will he come out in open and take a stand against Shahsi Tharoor or will he remain mute and accept that he is also against the Ram Mandir construction?

If Rahul Gandhi doesn’t take a stand, it will be quite apparent that it is the not just Shashi Tharoor’s words, but the hidden official stand of Congress which only wants to fool people using Hindu name

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