Congress leader suspended for six months for appearing on Times Now debate !!

Congress which claims moral high ground saying they are most tolerant have shown their real face by suspending their own party leader for appearing for a debate in Times Now.

Following the Vadra land deal expose by the Dhingra Commission, congress leader Khazan Singh from Haryana represented congress in a debate on Times now. Congress which never takes tough questions on times now and doesn”™t appear for any debates for unfavourable topics.

Khazan Singh was associated with congress for over four decades and was the Congress General Secretary of Haryana. The congress president of Haryana said “We have suspended Haryana Congress general secretary Khazan Singh for six years for talking to the TV channel which the party has on principle been boycotting for months. No one in the party can on their own decide to speak to any TV channel.

The congress party which doesn”™t suspend anyone for corruption or malpractice suspends its member just for appearing in a TV show. Rahul Gandhi who calls Modi and BJP as dictatorial should look at a mirror. The Dynasty which is known to be authoritarian in every decision doesn”™t give an person to express their thoughts or opinions. Many of the congress leaders who expressed displeasure about the working style have been cornered inspite of their decade”™s long association with congress.

The country has earlier also seen how PV Narsimha Rao, Devraj Urs and many prominent leaders were treated in the congress party. This incident has again proved that Congress party isn”™t working for Nation but only serving the interest of Sonia Gandhi and her kids. The congress party which faced backlash following 6 years suspension reduced the suspension period to six months.

Aishwarya S


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