Congress makes blunder, provides proof that Meira Kumar cheated 1.98 crores to government!

The UPA has named Meira Kumar as its presidential nominee, but she is already surrounded with controversies. There were allegations against her of cheating the government of Rs 1.98 crore. The Congress party, however, categorically declined the allegations.

The allegations surfaced on social media concerning how Meira Kumar had refused to pay Rs 1.98 crore worth of damages. The Congress denied the existence of any such damages.

Congress took to Twitter to make a clarification on the issue. Apparently, its motive was to clear Meira Kumar of the allegations, but it ended up doing exactly the opposite. It’s post on Twitter gave proof that Meira Kumar had actually cheated the government of Rs 1.98 Cr.

Following is INC’s tweet –

The only reason why Congress has chosen her as its alliance’s presidential nominee is because she’s a Dalit. NDA’s nominee Ram Nath Kovind is also a Dalit leader, but there is no comparison between the two.

Meira Kumar is a puppet of the Congress. She is corrupt and not connected to the ground. She has been labelled a pseudo-Dalit leader. On the other hand, Ram Nath Kovind is a true leader who has worked for the underprivileged. There haven’t ever been any charges of corruption against him either.

This tweet of the Congress that tries to show Meira Kumar as not being entangled in any sort of legal charges brings to the forefront the hypocrisy of the party. This is an incredible self-goal by the party.

Choosing Meira Kumar as the presidential nominee is nothing but a formality. Parties like the TMC will support Meira Kumar because they will never back any move of the BJP. Otherwise, majority of the parties have extended their support to the NDA, and it seems like he will be the next President of the country.

Vinayak Jain