Did ‘Congress Man’ Satish Verma Make False Allegation Against Kiren Rijiju…..Conspiracy Theory Busted!

On Tuesday, Congress party conducted a press conference and linked MoS Kiren Rijiju with what they called the 450-crore hydro power project contracts scam in Arunachal Pradesh.

PSU’s Chief Vigilance Officer-Satish Verma released a 129-page report about irregularities that he found in the construction of two dams.

By the way, this officer was the same person who had twisted the story of Ishrat Jahan encounter and told Ishrat Jahan as innocent. (Ishrat as innocent). He had fought for the terrorists claiming the encounter was fake.

He was the same person who had said the governmnet was behind the 2001 Parliament attack!

His report suggests North Eastern Electric Power Corporation’s officials and West Kameng district administration officials were involved in the so-called scam along with Arunachal Pradesh based contractor whom Congress tags as Rijiju’s cousin.

On the basis of the report submitted by the IPS officer, Congress claimed that inflated transportation bills were the main part of the scam.

Digging deep into details about the case can help in bringing more facts into the limelight. Perhaps, those that the Congress party conveniently forgot to mention during the press conference.

Rijiju’s explanation

While explaining his side of the story, the MoS pointed out that some subcontractors from his constituency supplied sand, boulders, stones, etc. to the projects.

Rijiju has released the letter received from people as well as Panchayat Members in his constituency on his Twitter handle. He has claimed that he just performed his duty by writing a letter to the power ministry about considering making pending payments owed to people (subcontractors) in his constituency.

Bills in question were pending since 2012, even before the BJP came to power. Their amount was very small and had nothing to do with the Mumbai-based main contractor-M/s Patel Engineering Ltd. (PEL). Thus, he wrote a letter to minister Piyush Goyal and requested the ministry to consider releasing the payment of these local contractors. The ministry of power reverted back suggesting that the payment was delayed due to late submission of certain documents.

“I was not even a Member of Parliament when the contracts were awarded (back in 2004). If Congress claims that bills were inflated and there was corruption in the project, it’s Congress who should explain about the corruption to the people because it happened in their regime, “-said Rijiju.

“They were given during Congress regime and even payments were made during their own rule. The same CVO had approved all the payments. I have not appointed any new contractor. In fact, no new contractor has been appointed in the project since the BJP came to power.”

On being asked about his cousin’s role, he pointed out that his cousin Gogoi Rijiju is not even a contractor.

Kiren Rijiju stressed on the point that in his tribal village, people refer to each other as bhaiyya and share the same last name. Thus, suggesting that he is the ‘bhaiyya’ mentioned in the conversation is not acceptable.

During Rijiju’s interaction with journalist, he shared the information that the officer in question, Satish Verma, was unhappy because he was removed from his post. Verma faced action because, during an investigation against him, it was found that while on duty, the concerned officer was touring in parts that were not under NEEPCO’s area of operation. He failed to perform his duties and did not even report to seniors at times.

According to the MoS, he must have planted this baseless story. Instead of sending the letter to the government, he sent the copy of his investigation report to specific journalists.

Kiren Rijiju also said that he is ready to conduct an audit on all files for the concerned contracts. During interaction with journalists, he promised to resign immediately if the audit shows any new contractor was introduced, somebody received an undue benefit or if any payment to the main contractor was made during the BJP rule.

Now the most important questions, is the Congress party targeting Rijiju with baseless allegations when they know that contracts were allotted during their own regime? Is this just another attempt to target the government and justify winter session washout? Is Congress trying to target Rijiju because of his stand and statements made against senior leaders and the royal family?

Nitten Gokhaley


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