Congress’ massive self-goal! Foolishly admits that 18,452 villages remained unelectrified despite them ruling for 60 years

When Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, there were 18,452 villages that remained unelectrified. This, after way more than half-a-century of independence and 60 years of rule of the Congress party.

People never knew of this sad reality of the country until Prime Minister Modi revealed it and promised that these villages will receive electricity before his term gets over. It is amazing how the Congress party in cahoots with the media never let this become public. This goes to show how we’d been kept in the dark by a party and its ecosystem that glorifies itself as a ‘pro-poor’ party.

Even though the party will never directly admit that it fooled millions of people in the rural areas by only promising great things and not giving them anything, today it did just that on Twitter. Here’s a tweet from the official handle of Congress –

This is what the tweet writes mocking the BJP –

• Promise: 100% village electrification
Reality: Out of 18,452 villages identified for electrification in 2015, only 8% have their households electrified.

This is a very misleading tweet. On reading, people will think that only 8% of the villages i.e. 1,476 have been electrified in the last few years. Here’s the truth and the accurate scenario that highlights the amazing work that the Narendra Modi government has done in 3 years that the Congress didn’t do in 60 years.

• Out of 18,452 villages that didn’t even have an electric pole for 60 years, 15,582 have been electrified which is 84.4% of the villages.
• Of the remaining 2,870 villages unelectrified, 1,067 are uninhabited. So, essentially only 1,781 are left to be electrified. Seeing that rate at which the government is working, these villages may get electricity in the next 3 months.
• 1,252 villages of the 18,452 have achieved 100% household connectivity which is 8%, but capacity to achieve 100% household electrification is ready for another 6,986 villages which is almost 37% of the total 18,452. Soon, almost 45% of the villages will have 100% household connectivity. The fact that Congress hasn’t mentioned this shows that they want to distort facts and mislead people.
• In Left Wing Extremist areas, 7,174 villages remained unelectrified which is a massive 39% of the total unelectrified villages. Out of these 6,809 have been electrified which is 95%. This shows how LWE has hampered development in India and how the Modi government has fought Naxals head-on and taken development to the remotest areas.

Vinayak Jain


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