Congress misleading country with its blatant lies; Read the insider story of foreign visits of Modi and Manmohan

There was a time when no one gave importance to Indian Prime Minister’s foreign trips. Ten years from 2004 to 2014 Mr Manmohan Singh attended foreign nations on the instructions of Sonia Gandhi even though he was the country’s Prime Minister. But India’s foreign relations were neither improving nor India’s image on global platform.

Tax payers’ money was heavy spent but it didn’t reach to their common perhaps it went to terrorists.

Mr Rahul Gandhi who keeps on making shallow comments on PM Modi said that Modi is a week PM. But let us remind him that he is a loser who can’t even attract anyone through his speeches.

Now the time has come to expose the truth. The top guns of Congress frequently attack PM Modi saying his foreign tour isn’t making any good to the nations. Well, any Indian who has got the basic common sense knows that India is moving towards the position of “Global leader”.

What the data reveal about Modi and Man, Mohan Foreign trips?

The data reveals that PM Modi visited 49 countries in the first 3 years whereas Mr Man Mohan Singh visited 36 countries in the first 3 years of the UPA-2 tenure. But what is shocking is that Mr Manmohan Singh took 111 days for his 36 countries visit whereas PM Modi visited 49 countries in just 94 days.

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Now one question haunts everyone; why Mr Manmohan Singh did took so long when PM Modi could visit more countries in short span. It is also known fact that Manmohan Singh’s foreign trips were purely unproductive and the nation wasn’t benefitted even a single penny.

Congress isn’t ready to praise surgical strike; Congress isn’t ready to praise the killing of terrorists. Then how can one believe them to support and praise PM Modi’s foreign visits

What is the greatest change that PM Modi has brought through his foreign trips? The answer is here; before, we hesitated to recognise ourselves as Hindus or Indians in foreign nations but today the whole world knows the great history of ancient India (Hinduism). Today yoga and our ancient scriptures are widely read and the credit goes to PM Modi. Unlike Congress PM, Modi didn’t hesitate to educate the importance of India to global leaders.

Rithika Vrushank