How Congress Is Misusing Social Media to LOOT Tax Payer’s Money?!

Since 10 years Bangalore is being murdered every day, the Garden City is now dead and what is left is Concrete dead structures. Thousands of trees axed, the beautiful weather murdered by so called DEVELOPERS. The real estate which is majorly owned by politicians are literally killing Bangalore in the name of development.

The biggest controversy which has emerged recently is the STEEL FLY-OVER which is proposed to be constructed in Bangalore. The worst part of this fly-over is, its not being constructed to facilitate the commuters but to loot money in the name development. Yes, the experts have claimed that this will turn out to be the biggest DISASTER to Bangalore. Former Chief Secretary of Karnataka TP Issar has said this idea was not consulted nor approved by any expert committee. The sudden proposal of this flyover doesn’t even cover 7 km stretch but will cause permanent damage, disfigure and vandalize the city forever.

Noted architect Naresh Narasimhan has said it a “This is a poverty of imagination”! Any infrastructure development involves substantial planning and looks ahead atleast 6 generations sustainability, but this project is mere money looting agenda. Naresh Narasimhan also says this is a disaster even at the planning stage and will not benefit even 10,000 people in coming years. A whooping Rs 2000 crore has been sanctioned, with 270 crore for every kilometre which will be spent on a road which will not benefit anyone.

This project doesn’t integrate with any plans of the past or future, but it has been suddenly proposed by the government and a huge lobby has been deployed to spread false news to show that its people who are demanding for FLY-OVER. But the fact is people in the surrounding area have out rightly rejected it and more than 3 Lakh people have signed the petition demanding the government to stop it. According to the reports over 800 trees will be chopped.

The Siddaramaiah government and Bangalore Development Authority have spread FAKE stories that they had sought public opinion and received 292 replies with people agreeing for flyover. But this is COMPLETELY FALSE!

A group of volunteers have busted the RACKET which has been set up to mislead everyone and show people are supporting Steel Flyover!

img-20161020-wa0021 img-20161020-wa0020

img-20161020-wa0022 img-20161020-wa0023 img-20161020-wa0024The government has formed a team in Social Media which is being headed by none other than the man who resigned for being involved in Inspector Ganapthi Suicide case, orchestrated a fake INQUIRY  and granted himself a CLEAN CHIT and returned to the cabinet…>> K J George!

Yes his team in social media has created hundreds of fake twitter accounts to build a perception that people are in favour of Steel Fly Over. The fake accounts pose themselves to be NGO activists, intellects, scientists to create FAKE impression that FlyOver will help Bangaloreans.

The Siddaramaiah government wants to make the issue completely political and call all those opposing the FLY –OVER as BJP agents. So people will lose interest. While the police, expert committee and commuters have suggested better proposals to link the existing Fly-over and provide more bus facilities, the Siddaramaiah government is completely insensitive to people request in the verge to make money.

As told by experts this is nothing but a DAY-LIGHT ROBBERY by State Government and seems to have involved huge corruption with the proposed project!!!

Credit: Rohit ChakraTeertha

Aishwarya S