Congress MLA stuns the nation after he backs Shariat Court in India! Does Rahul Gandhi support Shariat Court and sideline India’s constitution?

Finally, as it was expected from the Congress party, the party has done it. The party never fails to meet the expectation of the people in supporting all the moves that are against the nation. In a shocking move, the Congress party has backed the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB, the highest decision-making body on Muslim personal affairs in the country) proposal to open Darul-Qaza (Shariat courts) in all districts of the country to resolves issues in line with Islamic laws.

Although the Congress is yet to respond to the proposal at a national level, the leaders of Congress has started supporting the move. Karnataka’s Minority Affairs Minister Zameer Ahmed who belongs to Congress party voiced his opinion on the matter and supported the move of AIMPLB to open Darul-Qaza (Shariat courts). The minority affair Minister came out with bizarre remarks that the parallel Shariat Courts would “help in resolving” family disputes, said reports

The minister felt it would be good decision for building unity. While speaking to Republic TV Congressmen and Karnataka Minister Ahmed said, “It will be a good step if the Shariat courts are set up. The law of the land will remain the same. We have only one Constitution but these Shariat courts will help in resolving minor family disputes. We have Shariat law in Bangalore also. If this law will come into implementation it will help build unity and spread awareness among Muslims.”

The AIMPLB proposed this step as the board believes that the matters relating to Islam community should be sorted out in the Shariat laws and not in the general courts of the country. The senior member of the AIMPLB Zafaryab Jilani said issues like Triple Talaq, inheritance of the property will be taken up by these courts. He also said matters relating to Babri Masjid and land will be taken up as they believe that the Supreme Court was delaying the case. Currently there are around 40 Shariat courts in Uttar Pradesh alone and the board now intends to open such courts in all districts of the country.

Not only this, the AIMPLB said it will also be activating its Tafheem-e-Shariyat (TeS) committee which promotes Shariat Laws.”We will be activating Tafheem-e-Shariyat committee to make lawyers, judges and common man aware about Shariat laws, said senior member of the board.

Why the AIMPLB proposed such move? Are the board and its members shaken with the ruling of Supreme Court that declared Triple Talaq illegal? Don’t they trust the sanctity of constitutionally-appointed courts? Why the board is attempting to colour justice with religion?

This will help achieve nothing but will demean the country’s judiciary by encouraging people to opt for Shariat laws over democracy. In a democratic country, the law should be same and equal to all and not based on any religion. While the entire country follows one rule why there is a need for separate courts and rules for one single religion?

And why the Congress party is supporting such move that is encouraging a parallel system of justice in India and also endorses the unhealthy precedent of mainstreaming religion-based justice systems in secular India? Why Congress President Rahul Gandhi is silent on the remarks of the leader of his party? Does he also support the statements said by him?

Source : RepublicWorld


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