Congress MLA’s GOON son Mohammed Haris denied bail, gets 14 day judicial custody!

The shocking attitude of Congress MLA son Mohammed Haris sent shivers down in the minds of Bangalore people. The episode of goonadism by politicians showed the deteriorating law and order condition of Karnataka.

3 days back Mohammed Haris along with his friends went to a restaurant in UB city mall where they had a verbal fight with a person called Vidvat who was also in the same restaurant.  The fight turned ugly after which the goons of Mohammed Haris attacked Vidvat mercilessly punching him on his face, stomach and also smacked a liquor bottle on his head. Immediately Vidvat fell unconscious after which he was taken to Mallya Hospital by his friend. He was admitted in the ICU and the doctors declared that his condition was critical. Vidvat suffered tremendous injury where his ribs and nose where broken, his eyes had severe bruises and his entire face was swollen beyond recognition.

After the news spread about Mohammed Haris attack, the media and the people of the state demanded Haris arrest. But this goon had absconded and the police showed no interest to nab the criminal. It was only after mass protests broke out in the state, the police were forced to arrest the goon son of MLA. He was produced in the court where his bail was rejected and remanded to 2 day police custody. But his lawyer again went to the sessions court with an appeal today. However the sessions court has now denied bail to this criminal and remanded him to 14 day judicial custody until March 7.

Mohammed Haris who is also the leader of Youth Congress put tremendous pressure on police to spare him from the case. The police who were protecting Haris faced massive protest from people after which they had to file FIR. Initially, the police refused to register FIR under section 307 which is attempt to murder, but when the issue was intensified, they were pressurized to file FIR under section 307.

Mohammed Haris and his goons even tried to shift blame on Vidvat by filing a counter complaint against him, accusing Vidvat of being drunk and initiating the assault. But the doctors in the Mallya hospital confirmed that Vidvat was not intoxicated.

The doctor in his statement to Times Now said, “I was there along with Dr Veda, who was the Chief Medical Officer. He (Vidvat) was conscious, alert. There were no signs of drowsiness or restlessness and he was not under the influence of alcohol. There was swelling on his face due to a nasal bone fracture and he also had injuries on his rib. There is no doubt he was grievously injured.”

But Mohammed Haris has not shown any signs of remorse and still continues to defend his actions. His father Haris is trying all means to get him out on bail with his money and muscle power. The people of Shantinagar which is the constituency of Haris have expressed happiness after Mohammed Haris was arrested. They have now revealed that Mohammed Haris was a noted rowdy in the area and he was also involved in drug mafia, roll call business in big restaurants and threatened people if they raised voice against him. They also revealed that the entire area of Shanti nagar was ruled by rowdies of Mohammed Haris and no one ever could speak against him.

Now that he has been arrested, people are expressing happiness and are demanding severe punishment to these goons who were let loose all these years. The onus in now on the judiciary and it has to decide whether it will treat him as a VIP son and set him free or treat him no less than any rowdy and deliver justice to Vidvat.

Aishwarya S