Congress mocks CRPF Jawans, NDTV misleads India! Truth behind the break down of India’s fastest train Vande Bharat Express

Today, 16th February, is the day when the remains of the 49 CRPF martyred jawans were sent to their respective places to perform their last rites. But the Indian media had something else to highlight. Right from the early hours of the day, several media houses were publishing articles upon articles claiming that the Vande Bharat Express or Train 18 had broke down on its very first ride.

The torch bearer of this news was as usual NDTV. Looking at the headline, you will get a glimpse of NDTV’s hidden agenda.

  • Anti-National NDTV

Almost all the mainstream media published the break down of the Vande Bharat Express, but no one bothered to reveal the reason for it in the headline.

  • The Indian Express

  • Business Standard

Why did the train break down?

For the propagandists, just the headline was enough to smash the developmental model of India. When we tried to find out why the Vande Bharat Express broke down, we came to know that it was not due to any technical glitches but because it ran over cattle, perhaps a cow. This incident took place at around 5:30 in the early morning when it was 15 kilometres from Tundla in Uttar Pradesh. But at 8:15 the train was back to operation.

But the Modi-haters and their sycophantic media made every attempt to portray that India is not well advanced in technology. Even a common citizen knows that a train usually breaks down when something substantial comes under it.

Know the Vande Bharat Express or Train 18, which is India’s fastest train till date!

On 15th February, PM Modi had flagged off India’s first semi-high speed train “Train 18” or popularly known as Vande Bharat Express at the New Delhi railway station. This is India’s fastest train till date and it has the capability of travelling in the speed of 160 km per hour but the top speed would be restricted to 130 km per hour.

The first commercial trip was scheduled on February 17th. This train will complete the 780-km journey between Delhi and Varanasi in eight hours, which is three-and-a-half hour faster than the current travel time.

Have a look at the statement made by Rahul Gandhi’s close aide and head of Congress IT cell!

Using the misleading article of NDTV, Ramya a.k.a Divya Spandana not only mocked India’s game changing move but also insulted the martyrdom of the 49 CRPF jawans. How could she even equate the train breakdown after a cattle came under it with the Pulwama attack?

In a bid to hate India’s Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi and his pathetic gang are hating Indian Armed Forces. The Congress party and the media had earlier tried to portray that the suicide bomber of Pulwama was innocent and the Armed force are the real culprits.

Few others went on to claim that upper-caste Hindus didn’t lose their lives in the Pulwama attack, which was a lie. They are the same set of people who are seen lecturing that terrorism doesn’t have any religion.

In many of the misleading and fake stories, the common culprits will be either the Congress party or NDTV news channel. Time to make these two entities extent from India so that India would be free of deadly termites.

Hansika Raj