Congress mouth-piece embarrasses Rahul Gandhi! In a hurry to attack Modi govt, here’s how it reminded the Indians about the biggest defence scam

Congress party has once again scored a massive self goal in a hurry to defame PM Modi & his Government. In order to support the Congress false allegations on Rafale the Congress mouthpiece National Herald published an article with a headline “Rafale: PM Modi’s Bofors.”

The article that was written completely to the tune of Congress President laid false accusation against the BJP Government for not disclosing the details of the Rafale deal and pointing that if it can be shared in 2016, then in 2018 what suddenly happened to the Modi Government? It also attacked Modi Government for the contract being awarded to Reliance Defence by Dassault as case of crony capitalism.

As far as Rafale deal is concerned, the Modi Government has made very clear that due to security purposes the details of the deal cannot be revealed and whatever information can be revealed is already in public domain. The contract being awarded to Reliance has also nothing to do with the Government as whom Dassault chooses as its partner as part of the offset clause of the deal is totally dependent on the French Company.

But this article by Congress mouthpiece National Herald equating Rafale equivalent to Bofors has surely exposed the true face of Congress party. It can be rightly said at this point of time “Truth can never be hidden; It has its own way to come out”. The journal which is associated with the company that is directly linked to Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi unknowingly had confessed the scam committed by its masters

The Bharatiya Janata Party seized the opportunity to attack the Congress, claiming that article headline’s reference to Bofors was an admission of guilt and asked if the opposition party had accepted the Bofors scam. The party also questioned if Congress President Rahul Gandhi would clarify the party’s stand over the matter.

Although in order to cover up their mistake later, the journal changed the headline of the online version of the article to, “Rafale: The albatross around the Prime Minister’s neck?” But to their bad luck it was already too late as the nation has already noticed what can be the biggest blunder for Congress Party and an eye opener for one’s who still see the good in Congress party. The party’s mouthpiece has self admitted the scam done by the party.

This is the effect of PM Modi era. You surely be wondering how this is linked to Modi’s era. Ofcourse it has direct connection. As it is only due to magic of PM Modi that the opposition and their mouthpiece has got so shaken that in an attempt of tarnishing PM Modi and his Government, they always expose themselves.They expose their double standards as well as the real face of Congress party. The grand old party’s attempt to corner the Modi Government over the alleged corruption in the Rafale deal have backfired at them once again. The piece of National Herald only meant that either it accepted that Bofors is a scam or it meant that Rafale is not a scam.

Source : Times Now