Congress, Muslim League teams up with RSS to put an end to CPI(M) led violence in Kerala

A person’s life has equal value irrespective of religion and caste. Hindu or Muslim, both lives have its own importance. After lot of sacrifices from parents, a child will grow up to a woman or a man. So when that individual is murdered, the dream of the entire family is shattered.

So, how should the parents of those RSS workers feel when their son is barbarically murdered by the goons of CPI (M) in Kerala? RSS worker in Kerala (especially Kannur) won’t have assurance that he will reach home safely after he stepped out of house. Forget going out, several RSS workers were murdered in their home, that too in front of their innocent children.

Today few media houses- who once said a terrorist was a son of a poor headmaster or a misguided youth-started to focus on a campaign called “Not in my name”. But few placards held by them showed words like “Hindu Terrorism”. Now this is hilarious because these were the one who said terrorism doesn’t have any religion when one of their partners in crime was caught in any terror attacks by NIA. But now they are tagging Hindus as terrorists.

But between all these dramas, there is a welcome move happening in Kerala to put an end to all the atrocities against Hindus (RSS). Yes, several political parties have come together to fight against the communists who are ruling Kerala without providing any human rights to RSS workers.

RSS weekly ‘Organiser’ has decided to organise an event against the political killings done by CPI (M). What is surprising is that all the political parties like Congress, Muslim League except CPI (M) will attend this event. RSS has been successful in gaining the attention of all the major political parties.

‘Organiser’ will organise the event on July 1 in Calicut and it is titled ‘In search of Peace’. The editor of ‘Organiser’ Mr Prafulla Ketkar said that it aims to unite all political parties so that peace in Kerala is restored.

In last one year 18 people were killed in political violence but the CPI (M) is in no mood to put an end to this violence.

The prominent leaders who will attend this event are BJP national Vice President Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta, and Journalist M D Nalapat. Along with these KPCC President M M Hassan, Muslim League leader M K Muneer and Kerala Congress Chairman P C Thomas have agreed to attend.

Source: Asianet newsable

Nishika Ram