Congress ‘NYAY Scheme’ a bane for Middle Class! Middle Class will have to pay more taxes reveals the brain behind the scheme

In a big revelation, the advisor of Rahul Gandhi on ‘ NYAY Scheme’ or ‘The Brain behind the Scheme’ has revealed the reality of the false promise made by Congress party to voters when in reality it is not feasible to fulfill that promise

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has promised to voters that he will transfer certain amount to voters if Congress comes to power and that also he keeps on changing. Sometime its 72000 per year, and sometimes it becomes 72000 per month

But the reality is there is no way to fulfill it and Congress party is just going to put the burden of this on people only. It will not give anything but it will take from people and pay back to them only. This people have to understand and should not fall in their trap

The Congress party is planning to increase the tax burden on people. MIT Economist Abhishek Banerjee who is advising Rahul Gandhi on Minimum Income Scheme in an interview to Times Now revealed there will be a need to raise taxes, there will be a need to cause price rise (what he calls the “inflation tax”) for the implementation of the scheme

When asked what taxes will be increased or any new taxes will be imposed he said that there is scope for direct as well as indirect tax increase. He indicated scope for wealth taxation and in some sense there’s scope for increasing GST too, he said.

So Congress is once again cheating the people with their false promises and cunning strategies. Congress is taking from the one hand and giving to the other hand

Middle class will be totally ruined by the Congress. Burden on middle class for everything will increase. “As we get middle income, we have to say that the middle classes have to be able to pay something,” said Banerjee. He even blamed the middle class of India of being reluctant to pay the taxes for the welfare of the poor. “There’s this idea that the middle class wants something without paying for it,” he added.

Not only the Congress Government will increase the tax but also will remove the subsidies given by the Modi Government Removing subsidies would be first step to source the money for the scheme. “We’re going to try to replace a lot of the distorting subsidies by non-distorting subsidy, said Banerjee

First of all, this is a “Jumla” by Congress. Earlier also Congress has been promising since 70 years to people but never have delivered anything. And if anyhow it does that also the party is going to do by destroying the economy and people

Whereas PM Modi and his Government are making people independent by launching various schemes for them,  Congress party is trying to make them dependent.

Now it’s upon people to understand the real intentions of Congress party and cast their vote wisely