Congress party in Madhya Pradesh left embarrassed after villagers ask ‘Why Should We Vote For You?’

The senior Congress leader Kamal Nath yesterday in poll bound Madhya Pradesh said that he is hungry to bring Congress back in Madhya Pradesh. The Congress has been out of power in this vast state with about 5 crore voters since 2003 when it was ousted by the BJP. We all know this infact not only he the whole Congress party is hungry to come back to power in the state as well as nation.

For trying to voo the voters the Congress party is falling to a level which is beyond low even. From posting fake images of roads of Bangladesh to ban RSS activities in the state the Congress party is trying every possible means to defame Shivraj Singh Chahuan Government

But what current situations are presenting is really not favourable for the Congress party. It seems the mood of the state is not a bit to bring such power hungry Government to power in the state. The people of state have reflected this so many times.

In such a recent reflection of denial for the Congress party the people of the state have today rejected the Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President Arun Kumar and asked him on behalf of his party that why should they vote for Congress.

The Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President Arun Kumar was left speechless after the village questioned him. The villages also confronted the Congress leaders by saying that BJP has given us water, electricity, roads and everything. BJP is the model of development. From last 15 years we have been voting for Congress. What Congress has given us?

The villages also chanted pro-Shivraj Singh Chouhan slogans, telling the leaders to forgive them and said that they will vote only for BJP and their leader is Shivraj only which forced the Congress leader to leave from the spot

This is a tight slap on the face of Congress who in its lust for power always plays with the emotions of the people. The people of the nation have now understand the tactics of the Congress party and are not going to trap in the false tactics of the Congress party

Not only this Congress, in their quest to overcome BJP, has been hit with a number of blows ahead of the polls.It’s grand idea of ‘Mahagathbandhan’ was put to rest when earlier BSP chief Mayawati informed that she will not ally with Congress, and fight it out on its own in MP.And now the situation for Congress has become more worse, after SP chief Akhilesh Yadav  today confirmed that his party will also not join hands with Congress and instead will fight in the state with the help of BSP.

Here’s the complete conversation that happened between the Congress leaders and villagers

Villager: People want to know why we should vote for Congress.

Arun Kumar looks towards Rajkumar Patel and stays quiet.

Villager: 15 years back, the whole village used to give vote to Congress. But since then we are voting for BJP. There is development. So why should we vote for Congress this time?

Arun Kumar doesn’t respond, but Rajkumar Patel says, “Come to the assembly, you”ll get answers for everything.”

Villagers: Shivraj Singh gave us water, he gave us electricity.

Rajkumar Patel: Come to the assembly, you’ll know.

Villager: No roads since 15 years, because of which people have died. Tell us why we should vote you.

Arun Kumar and Rajkumar Patel walk away.

Villagers chant: Please forgive us Maharaj, Our leader is Shivaraj. Please forgive us Maharaj, Our leader is Shivaraj.


Source: Republic World



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