Congress party makes another u-turn! Now demands secret voting in Karnataka floor test

Congress adds a new tale to the High pitched drama of who and which party will form the government in Karnataka. The drama is now at its PEAK. After the implementation of tactic card one after the other, Congress now throws the card of Secret Ballot!!

Sources have said that Congress delegation has now decided to go to pro-tem Speaker’s chamber demanding a written vote for every MLA. They are now demanding a secret ballot vote and do not want verbal votes to be caste, as reported by Republic TV.

New drama by Cons

They want secret ballot.

Congress is trying each and every trick every hour. What conclusions do we draw with this? Is Congress scared? Are they insecure with verbal votes? Could this be some strategy against the BJP? None of us know and none of us can figure out now. This also could be another trick after the plea against the speaker. After all its Congress and it can get down to any extent.

Its understood that if BJP did not have the numbers, would they take it so far? If they really do not have the numbers, would BJP come forward to follow the orders of Supreme Court? Its understood that BJP and its members have thought of further plans.

The curiosity level of the people is on the peak right now. All eyes are set on the decision of the BJP party. What will we end up with is yet to be watched!