Congress planned to re launch “National Herald” in order to fund Rahul’s luxury life which took a hit after demonetisation

It was the sole intention of all the Indians then. It was to make India free from the hands of the British. At this time, everyone decided to start a newspaper called “National Herald”.

It was the result of the combined effort put by all the fighters; India got independence within few years.

By then Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru had systematically sidelined Netaji and Savarkar so that they won’t be a hurdle to his political career. After that it was not hard for him to grab all the credits of the freedom struggle.

People started to think Nehru relentlessly fought against the British. So automatically responsibility of heading “National Herald” also came to his feet. A newspaper which took birth with a noble intention went to a person for whom upholding national interest was never important.

As Congress was getting massive donations from all over the nation, the income from “National Herald” didn’t attract them. Till 1979, Congress didn’t even touch the money which they got from National Herald. But the company which was heading the newspaper “Associated Journal Limited (AJL)” started to publish the income report. But soon it was changed into a real estate company.

In 2008 the activities of the newspaper came to a standstill and a loss of Rs 90 crores was shown.  Later on Sonia Gandhi and the “Youth Icon” Rahul Gandhi started “Young India Limited” and managed to grab a loan of Rs 90 crores without any interest rate. Associated Journal Limited which was 2000 crores worth by then was acquired by Youth Icon Rahul Gandhi’s “Young India Limited” for only Rs 90 crores (from the donations collected from party workers) only.

When Sonia led corruption was increasing, Modi came to power. He said “Naa Kavoonga, Naa kaane dhoonga”( I will not take bribe and I won’t spare the corrupts). Hearing this, the Congress started to shiver. Congress started to lose power in states one by one. World’s richest politician Sonia’s son even stood in queue in front of ATM to collect Rs 4000. He even started to roam wearing his torn “Jubba”. I want to ask Modi, is this “Achhe Din?”

At this tough time the Mother and son decided to depend on “National Herald” for their pocket money.

The Congress High Command passed an “ordinance” to all the Congress members that they should give Rs 1000 annually and become the subscribers of “National Herald”. Not just this, it was ordered that from Karnataka alone 2000 subscribers should be compulsory and Bangalore should achieve 10000 subscribers.

Let me not specify on whether the Congress member will give that Rs 1000 from his personal earnings or will he give it from the amount made illegally.

When we apply Italian origin mathematics, there are 30 districts in Karnataka. So if at least 2000 members subscribe then there will be 60000 subscribers. Bangalore should contribute 8000 subscribers more, so there will be 68000 subscribers in Karnataka. After multiplying 68000 subscribers with Rs 1000 we get 6.8 crores in Karnataka alone. So Rahul can party in foreign pubs with these money.

What will be the total amount after adding subscribers throughout the nation? Congress has planned to re launch it as a weekly newspaper and later it would be a daily newspaper. It is said that on June 12th it will be re launched.

I assume Dr. Subramanian Swamy isn’t aware of this. Or else he may soon see that legally a rope is tightened around their neck.

Source: Praveen Kumar Mabibakadu

Rajat Bhandary