Had Congress planted 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack to coin the word “Saffron Terror” ? 

Title might look shocking but the questions which this Article will ask will make you think, how things get planted by use of whole machinery. Each and every wing of Government contribute to plant a big conspiracy and poor people helplessly accept their fate. It doesn’t mean that Democratic Federal Government System and its Institutions are wrong but it actually prove how can strong people can bullishly commit with their agenda of division. 

The need is to understand why it was required ? 

26/11 Mumbai Blast, Ajmer Blast and Samjhauta Train blast investigations are compromised and all three are planted to prove only one thing – Saffron and Hindu terror and showing Muslims as, those who got impacted. 

Let me clear the fact that terrorist is a terrorist but just to prove Hindus are also Terrorists, you can’t plant terror events. I will not go by Samjhauta Train Blast details where it is already exposed how two Pakistani terrorists who were arrested earlier were released by Congress Government within 15 days and Colonel Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya were planted in third charge sheet. 

These questions in this article will only focus on 26/11 Mumbai Blast  and as Times Now is revealing how Congress planted Bhagwat Ji in Terror activity to prove Hindu terror concept. I will again ask same set of questions.

? How Congress printed 26/11 RSS Ki Sajish Book before 26/11 actually happened ? 

? How Congress printed pamphlets and named RSS and Hindus before 26/11 ? 

? How Coastal Patroling Team which comes under Coastal Guard moved away from the route where Terrorist enter ? 

? Why then Maharashtra CM thrown DIA Report by Colonel Purohit dumped into Dustbin just because Shiv Sena Bhavan was named in Target list ? 

? Why Colonel Purohit was arrested just one day  before 26/11 incident happened? 

? Why Colonel Purohit who was the bravest son of Nation was framed into Samjhauta Train Blast suddenly in third FIR and sentenced to Life Imprisonment ?

? Why Defense Ministry never gave documents in support of Colonel Purohit ? 

? How Judiciary gave orders to arrest Colonel Purohit and under whose command NIA named Colonel Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya in Samjhauta Train Blast and Free Two Pakistani National ? 

? Why Hemant Karkare who was awarded a Bravery award planted a fake RDX and Narco Items in Colonel Purohit House ? 

? Why and How Hemant Karkare was killed by Terrorist in order to close the loophole ? 

? Why Rakesh Maria brought to lead the investigation ? The same Rakesh Maria who covered up lots of people in 1993 Bomb Blast ? 

? Why Ajmal Kasab came to India and along with him all Terrorist with a Hindu Kalava or Mauli binded on their wrist ? 

All these questions and answers are there known to Government but Government can’t disclose until the source and co – Conspirator Hafeez Syed gets arrested. God has a blessing on India that Kasab was captured alive. If you have read my all questions then you will understand it is pre planned to prove Hindu and Saffron Terror by Congress. 

Pakistan ISI is just a tool, Pakistan ISI is always in contact with Congress and still it is in Contact and all the attacks India is facing including China propaganda  is happening because In 70 Years of Rule Congress ruled Nation with same divisive agenda and have their people in each and every sector of Nation from Judiciary to Army to Investigative Agency. 

This Article appeals to readers to understand events properly and join the dots and be alert in future.

God Bless India 

Jai Hind

(Disclaimer: The information was taken from Times Now report. doesn’t endorse or reject any views of it and is no way responsible for any misinformation in the news reported by Times Now)

Abhishek Kumar