Congress President Rahul Gandhi accepted that he is going to lose his bastion Amethi soon in upcoming elections? Do you know what he said?

President of Congress has forgotten that from the last thirty years his family has contested from Amethi and has won every time. Rahul himself has been a Member of Parliament for fourteen years but in the name of development, he has not given anything to Amethi except him. The constituency belongs to them only for name sake as they are never available for listening grievances and solving the problem of people of their constituency. They never have any answers to the questions of people and has always left the people in dilemma.

The same incident has now occurred again when Rahul Gandhi paid his three days visit to his constituency Amethi and his mother’s constituency Rae Bareli. Once again he has left the group of hopeful students in a between as he was not having any answer to justify his and his government’s inadequacies.

During his visit to a school in Amethi when the students of the school asked him why the policies and law approved by the government does not reach in a village? He shook his hands running away from his responsibility and said “This you should ask from Modi ji.” He further said, “Is this my government? It is not my government who is at the centre, Ask me question when we will form the government” !!

He even went further to target Yogi Government also and  said Yogi Adityanath runs Amethi, I am an MP here, my job is to bring a law in Lok Sabha, it is the work of CM of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath to run the UP, but Yogi is busy doing other things.”

I would like to ask Mr.Gandhi then for what people of Amethi has chosen you as MP if you don’t have any responsibility regarding the constituency? And if it’s not your work to look after it then for what work you take a salary. If All work will be done by Modiji and Yogi then what is his work and purpose? What role then he is having in India’s politics?

The public has voted for him to work. But they people instead of working are looting the people. They only know how to create riots and divide people. Rest every responsibility lies with the Modiji and Yogiji. They are just for having fun.

It’s better to accept your failures Mr. Gandhi and instead of shifting blames on others tell truth to the people that It was your job to develop the constituency and make everything reach there which you had not done perfectly. Tell them about the Rajya Sabha and LokSabha proceedings that you and your government interrupts and did not let any law pass?

It’s not the first time Rahul Gandhi has alienated himself from his responsibilities and shifted blame on others. During the elections of 2014, when a resident of Amethi asked Rahul Gandhi about the miserable conditions of roads, Rahul Gandhi got angry and asked that person to join the BJP.

When Mr Gandhi cannot face the questions of the people, then for what purpose he does the drama of visiting people. I really don’t understand how a person who even cannot answer to simple questions dream of becoming a Prime Minister? If you can’t handle one constituency how come you will be capable of taking care of the nation and people of nation?

Before the formation of Modi Government, his government was ruling. At that time why didn’t they develop Amethi and the country? Who stopped him from developing the country? Why is Amethi undeveloped upto now?

I think deep down President of Congress Rahul Gandhi has accepted this obvious fact that Amethi doesn’t belong to them now. Even before the upcoming elections, he has accepted defeat. He clearly knows that he is not going to win next time. Don’t worry Mr Gandhi we will take back Amethi from you in 2019 and PM Modi and CM Yogi will answer all the questions of the people by the work they will do for the development of constituency ruined by you and your government.